[sf-lug] All about co-location

jim stockford jim at well.com
Tue Oct 17 08:28:17 PDT 2006

thanks for the note, john.
1) servepath is donating space to sf-lug!
2) my (possibly adled) idea for SBCs is to get
some small ones and fit a couple or three in a
2U box so's to have a little LAN at work at the
colo site, all inside a single 2U box--low
bandwidth, low power consumption, good

On Oct 16, 2006, at 6:54 PM, John Strazzarino wrote:

> I am only slightly familiar with co-location, so excuse my questions.  
> I visited a place in South S.F. called RACE Technologies andin their 
> machine room I saw about 15 rows of rack mounted computers and a 
> number of rows of 'desktop' computers that you would find at home. It 
> is my understanding that:
> 1) you could 'purchase' space on one of the comptuers and the colo 
> facility would provide an IP address to you.  You then registed the IP 
> address with a domain and they you use FTP/SSH/Whatever to load your 
> software and off you go.  The colo facility would provide as high 
> speed connection/electrical power/air conditioning/fire protection and 
> you could optionally purchase backup/web site development/etc.
> OR
> You could provide your own computer and do the same. 
> 2) I am uncertain why you need a SBC (single board computer) for  this 
> co-lo task.  Wouldn't any old 1 GHZ or better computer accomplish this 
> need?  And I don't believe it has to be a rack mount computer 
> (although they might not all any other type in their racks for space 
> needs).  Are we trying to put 2 computers in one box?  Am I missing 
> something large?
> Thanks,  John  
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