[sf-lug] the latest on the servepath colo story

jim stockford jim at well.com
Tue Oct 17 09:01:01 PDT 2006

per yesterday's phone calls and evening meeting:

Servepath is donating colo space to SF-LUG.

So far, Nathan, Jason, John S., and Jim seem to have
volunteered time to configure a tower box for stand-
alone web server and other use. Plan is to put the latest
CentOS on the box and use Bastille to harden it.
    Possibly we'll later add VMware and maybe put Debian
or Ubuntu on the box in VM mode. At a later time we
might get a 2U box and trick it out one way or another.

    I just got the latest CentOS, so i might start installing
it, asking questions as I go:
    QUESTION 1--what are good ideas for partitioning?
    * Not /root, /, and swap, right?
    * How about /root, /, /var/log, /var/www, swap, /usr/local,
/opt, /stash  (note swap in the middle) ???
    * Other???

Servepath offers a time for all those in SF-LUG who are
interested to go to the facility for a tour and a Q&A
session with the staff technicians and engineers.

Paul Lancaster from ServePath (and possibly one of the
facility engineers) will be coming to the next SF-LUG
meeting (Sunday, 11/5) to tell us about colo-ing in
general and ServePath in particular and will stick around
to answer any questions.

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