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(looks like we'll have to fix up tom's account--triggers
notice to lx and me re mailman)
Here's suggestions from tom:

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> Hey,
> Here is a product.
> This company has some SBC's and they sell enclosures for there boxes.
> Not sure linux distro runs:
> http://www.ampro.com/index_interactive_GIF.asp
> This runs red hat, 2 ether ports,.... Might be more than u looking for:
> http://www.versalogic.com/Products/DS.asp?ProductID=164
> Also, this link is a SBC - Linux Quick reference guide:
>  http://www.linuxdevices.com/articles/AT2614444132.html
> It is a great site for finding what you are looking for.
> --------------------
> t0md
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> sf-lug has an opportunity to colo with servepath in
> their full-blown colo facility. I hope we can discuss
> this tonight and via email in the next weeks.
> * Paul Lancaster of servepath is willing to come to
> one of our meetings (e.g. this coming Sunday11/5
> at 11 AM) to tell us about colo-ing in general and
> servepath in particular.
> * Paul suggests those of us who are interested can
> come to the servepath facility and ask questions
> of the staff--we should set a specific date/time.
> * i can take one of my tower machines down there
> after i config it properly as a stand-alone web server.
> * if any of you are interested in learning about a
> colo facility, come down with me for the install.
> * at some point i think it would be good to get a
> 2U box and trick it out for the sf-lug web site--my
> idea is multiple hosts inside the single box: any
> one know of a >1GHz linux-capable SBC that
> runs on 12VDC and sucks minimal power?
> I'm hoping one or more of you will help me
> * configure the box for the coloing
> * move the box to the colo site
> * maybe help me with the web site itself--i'm the
> only one managing it, and if i get hit by a beer truck
> the site could be neglected.
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