[sf-lug] Tux Paint follow-up

Bill Kendrick nbs at sonic.net
Mon Sep 4 12:36:38 PDT 2006

Thanks for having me yesterday!  I'm glad people seemed to enjoy my
rambling. ;)  Here's a link to the presentation slides I whipped through
really quickly at one point.  (My idea was to download them and place them
on the laptop, and then use the new slideshow feature, but oh well.)


As a follow-up, I wanted to let you guys know about new features I added
yesterday after my talk. ;^)

  * Some portrait (taller-than-they-are-wide) screen resolutions were
    made available in Tux Paint Config.  The fellow (Cliff?) who had come
    into JavaCat to do some work had a tablet PC and tried out Tux Paint.

    We had to manually ask it to run in 768x1024 mode, which was what
    his system switched to when he folded it into tablet (not laptop)
    form-factor.  Now you'll be able to do that using the config. GUI!

  * Brushes can now be animated!  Different shapes are cycled through
    as the brush is stroked.
    (For an example, see The GIMP's "vine" brush.) which cycles through

  * Brushes can now be directional!  Different shapes are used, depending
    on the direction the brush is being stroked.

  * Brush spacing can be adjusted.  Before, it was relative to the brush's
    size ("height divided by four", to be exact).  You can now set this
    on a per-brush basis.  This lets you get nicer looking cycling for
    brushes using these new features (rather than have them all trailed

  * Color pixels in brushes are no longer ignored.  With the "vine"
    brush mentioned above, and the "squirrel" brush (see below), the
    way Tux Paint was drawing brushes (only using the Alpha channel)
    meant that brushes with detail were coming out solid, and

    Now, color pixels (where R, G and B are not all identical)
    are tinted with the current paint color, so you can have a
    reddish vine, for example.

I briefly talked about my 'running squirrel' brush at SF-LUG.
Well, with the new features above, I can make it.  In fact, I did! ;^)


Here's the vine brush that I stole from The GIMP, too:


Enjoy! :)

bill at newbreedsoftware.com

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