[sf-lug] Tux Paint follow-up

Sameer Verma sverma at sfsu.edu
Tue Sep 5 18:19:41 PDT 2006

Bill Kendrick wrote:
> Thanks for having me yesterday!  I'm glad people seemed to enjoy my
> rambling. ;)  Here's a link to the presentation slides I whipped through
> really quickly at one point.  (My idea was to download them and place them
> on the laptop, and then use the new slideshow feature, but oh well.)
>   http://tuxpaint.org/presentations/sflug-2006-09/
> As a follow-up, I wanted to let you guys know about new features I added
> yesterday after my talk. ;^)
>   * Some portrait (taller-than-they-are-wide) screen resolutions were
>     made available in Tux Paint Config.  The fellow (Cliff?) who had come
>     into JavaCat to do some work had a tablet PC and tried out Tux Paint.
>     We had to manually ask it to run in 768x1024 mode, which was what
>     his system switched to when he folded it into tablet (not laptop)
>     form-factor.  Now you'll be able to do that using the config. GUI!
>   * Brushes can now be animated!  Different shapes are cycled through
>     as the brush is stroked.
>     (For an example, see The GIMP's "vine" brush.) which cycles through
>   * Brushes can now be directional!  Different shapes are used, depending
>     on the direction the brush is being stroked.
>   * Brush spacing can be adjusted.  Before, it was relative to the brush's
>     size ("height divided by four", to be exact).  You can now set this
>     on a per-brush basis.  This lets you get nicer looking cycling for
>     brushes using these new features (rather than have them all trailed
>     together).
>   * Color pixels in brushes are no longer ignored.  With the "vine"
>     brush mentioned above, and the "squirrel" brush (see below), the
>     way Tux Paint was drawing brushes (only using the Alpha channel)
>     meant that brushes with detail were coming out solid, and
>     silhouette-like.
>     Now, color pixels (where R, G and B are not all identical)
>     are tinted with the current paint color, so you can have a
>     reddish vine, for example.
> I briefly talked about my 'running squirrel' brush at SF-LUG.
> Well, with the new features above, I can make it.  In fact, I did! ;^)
>   http://tuxpaint.cvs.sourceforge.net/*checkout*/tuxpaint/tuxpaint/data/brushes/squirrel.png
> Here's the vine brush that I stole from The GIMP, too:
>   http://tuxpaint.cvs.sourceforge.net/*checkout*/tuxpaint/tuxpaint/data/brushes/vine.png
> Enjoy! :)
TuxPaint demo pics! http://opensource.sfsu.edu/node/201 (scroll down to 
see photos)


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