[sf-lug] Fwd: Linux World Installfest

jim stockford jim at well.com
Tue Aug 8 17:09:30 PDT 2006

The OpenCountry Linux Installfest is
>>> Linux World in the Exhibit hall 10AM-5PM,
>>> Tuesday-Thursday, August 15-17.
and that's the entire LinuxWorld timeframe. As
Rick says, it's for suits, though around the edges
there are interesting things such as user groups,
representatives of various .org enterprises, small
enterprises' products.... And I like seeing how
things change from year to year--virtual machines
have become big stuff, Sun had once again
embraced the penguin, etc.

I have trouble with the LinuxWorld web pages too.

The OpenCountry website makes better sense
to me, at least. they sponsor the PENlug group.
I haven't heard from Paul Cubbage as to sf-lug

On Aug 8, 2006, at 2:21 PM, ron wrote:

> I guess I've not been reading everything, I find the
> format of this site unfamiliar, and frankly, annoying.
> LW is for how many days? I have my first day of math
> class next wednesday at 8 am in San Mateo, and then
> digital electronics at 6 pm. So wednesday I could be
> there 10-4. I don't have a class on thursday until 6
> pm, so I can go in that day. I can only attend one
> weekday, but could do all day on saturday.
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