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jim stockford jim at well.com
Thu Jul 20 09:27:33 PDT 2006


On Jul 20, 2006, at 9:06 AM, vincent polite wrote:

> Yesterday, on my way home from work, I stopped in Stacey's. I picked 
> up a copy "3d World" magazine. It is by the folks who put out 
> "Caomputer Arts". It had an interesting article on OpenSource and 
> Linux in the VFX world. It was the last in a series of articles. 
> Basically it said that Linux and OpenSource software are taking over 
> the industry. The points that it brought out were: 1. OpenSource and 
> Linux are not hardware dependant. 2. The lag time between development 
> and deployment is shorter then with commercial software. 3. Commercial 
> software has a lot of useless features...They mentioned ILM. Maybe we 
> can get someone from ILM to talk about OpenSource, Linux and VFX. They 
> are in the city?
> jim stockford <jim at well.com> wrote:
>  Sameer from sf state university (19th and holloway)
> showed up at our last meeting at the Javacat and
> brought up the idea of sf-lug having a meeting at sf
> state. (a couple of months ago LX and I went there
> for a meeting with the IMSA student group.)
>  We've suggested the second thursday of each month
> as our sf state meeting, probably 7 to 9 PM, probably
> three meetings each semester.
>  We need a format and topics so's to present a
> seeming bona fide presentation and justify getting
> a room.
>  Here's my idea for a format:
>  7 to 7:15 introductions and stalling waiting for late-comers
>  7:15 to 7:45 one to three "jelly bean" topics--linux related and
>  brief
>  7:45 to 8:30 main topic
>  8:30 to 8:50 Q'n'A
>  8:50 to 9 goombyes and teasers for next meeting
>  Here are some ideas for linux-related topics
> --> Jelly bean topics:
> best magazine stands in SF,
> best book stores in SF,
> best computer stores in SF,
> computer museum type places,
> developments in {music, video, graphics, clustering,
>  storage, laptops, hand-helds, CPUs and silicon,
>  linux distros (there are a lot: puppy, pebble, DSL,
>  gentoo..., as well as RH, debian, *ubuntu...),
> databases....
> --> Primary topics:
> some of the jelly bean topics would also be appropriate
>  as primary topics,
> what is a distro,
> what is linux (the kernel),
> the gnu toolkit,
> CLI tutorial,
> how to compile a kernel,
> anatomy of an /etc tree,
> get a speaker from planetCCRMA (linux music stuff),
> get sameer (prof at sf state) to speak,
> get stan osborne (prof at sf state) to speak,
> get one of you guys to speak,
> what are your ideas?
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