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> Subject: DRM Action: Audio from Wednesday's Call is Available
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> james,
> We had a very successful conference call yesterday with Ray Beckerman,  
> a lawyer defending cases brought by the RIAA in New York. Ray  
> explained the importance of two of his cases and the far reaching  
> effects they may have on copyright law, the internet and our digital  
> freedoms.
> 	•  Visit DefectiveByDesign.org to listen to the audio of the call.
> 	• After you've listened, make a donation to support Ray's work  
> defending these cases.
> 	• Digg this story
> 	• Of course, tell your friends about DefectiveByDesign.org.
> We'll be announcing additional conference calls with other leaders in  
> the fight for our digital rights soon.
> In solidarity,
> Gregory, Peter, Henri and the rest of DRM Elimination Crew
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