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Yesterday, on my way home from work, I stopped in Stacey's. I picked up a copy "3d World" magazine. It is by the folks who put out "Caomputer Arts". It had an interesting article on OpenSource and Linux in the VFX world. It was the last in a series of articles. Basically it said that Linux and OpenSource software are taking over the industry. The points that it brought out were: 1. OpenSource and Linux are not hardware dependant. 2. The lag time between development and deployment is shorter then with commercial software. 3. Commercial software has a lot of useless features...They mentioned ILM. Maybe we can get someone from ILM to talk about OpenSource, Linux and VFX. They are in the city? 

jim stockford <jim at well.com> wrote: 
    Sameer from sf state university (19th and holloway)
showed up at our last meeting at the Javacat and
brought up the idea of sf-lug having a meeting at sf
state. (a couple of months ago LX and I went there
for a meeting with the IMSA student group.)
    We've suggested the second thursday of each month
as our sf state meeting, probably 7 to 9 PM, probably
three meetings each semester.
    We need a format and topics so's to present a
seeming bona fide presentation and justify getting
a room.

    Here's my idea for a format:
    7 to 7:15 introductions and stalling waiting for late-comers
    7:15 to 7:45 one to three "jelly bean" topics--linux related and 
    7:45 to 8:30 main topic
    8:30 to 8:50 Q'n'A
    8:50 to 9 goombyes and teasers for next meeting

    Here are some ideas for linux-related topics

--> Jelly bean topics:
best magazine stands in SF,
best book stores in SF,
best computer stores in SF,
computer museum type places,
developments in {music, video, graphics, clustering,
    storage, laptops, hand-helds, CPUs and silicon,
    linux distros (there are a lot: puppy, pebble, DSL,
    gentoo..., as well as RH, debian, *ubuntu...),

--> Primary topics:
some of the jelly bean topics would also be appropriate
    as primary topics,
what is a distro,
what is linux (the kernel),
the gnu toolkit,
CLI tutorial,
how to compile a kernel,
anatomy of an /etc tree,
get a speaker from planetCCRMA (linux music stuff),
get sameer (prof at sf state) to speak,
get stan osborne (prof at sf state) to speak,
get one of you guys to speak,

what are your ideas?

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