[sf-lug] Software Freedom Day 2006

jim stockford jim at well.com
Fri Jul 14 15:32:45 PDT 2006

    I'm for passing out free linux CDs with instructions
as to how to use them.
    I'm offering to send word to Ubuntu as to this
project and ask for lots of "live"/install combo packs.
Say "do it, jim" and i will. (you can, too, but not both
of us, not if we're asking for 100 or more copies.)
    opinions welcome.

On Jul 14, 2006, at 3:03 PM, vincent polite wrote:

> That's weird. It got rejected the first time.
> Rick Moen <rick at linuxmafia.com> wrote:
>  Quoting John Lowry (johnlowry at gmail.com):
> > I agree that we are enabling a bad habit buy giving into proprietary
> > OSes. However, to continue the analogy further we are giving them 
> free
> > hits of another drug. "Wow, Firefox is great, who knew FLOSS software
> > was so awesome. Look at all this other great stuff that you can do on
> > Linux. Oh man, I wish I could use amaroK to manage my music 
> collection
> > on Windows. I am going to have to install Linux now."
> (As I remarked when you sent me the above in private mail:) That's been
> tried -- for fifteen years running. It basically doesn't work. At all.
> Interesting people in Linux requires actually getting them Linux.
>  Since you've re-posted your notion even after hearing the above from 
> me
> in private mail, I'm guessing you didn't believe me. That's OK; you
> could be right; the world could have suddenly changed. But if not, buy
> me a beer after a second fifteen years of it not working, and I'll
> promise I won't say "I told you so." ;->
> -- 
> Cheers, English is essentially Pictish that was attacked out of 
> nowhere by
> Rick Moen Angles cohabiting with Teutons who were done in by a drunk 
> bunch of
> rick at linux Vikings masquerading as Frenchmen who insisted they spoke 
> Latin and
> mafia.com Greek but lacked the Arabic in which to convey that. -- Bill 
> Hammel
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