[sf-lug] [OT] California Extreme (arcade/pinball event) this weekend

Lx Rudis lx_rudis at sbcglobal.net
Sat Jul 8 00:44:16 PDT 2006

> pass along the news that "California Extreme" is

i have to fly out of SFO mid-day, so i can't make it
this year!

take bill's word for it - if you've any interest in
old videogames or pinballs, this is the place to be. 
imagine the biggest videogame arcade you can.  now
double it, and sprinkle in a bunch of old prototype
and rarely seen consoles, dating back to the Dawn of

all those machines are set on 'free play', and you can
stay there as long as you like.  

>   http://www.caextreme.com/

go.  it's great.

> arcade games, and the OS for a very recent (2004?
> 2005?) arcade title.
> (Oh, and our SF-LUG buddy Lx worked on it. ;^) )

yes, ultracade product; Breeder's Cup, although i
mostly did audio content - my tools were all in Xp
[sorry jim] and i supplied WAV files to the coders.   

btw:  i just talked to a couple of developers about
doing an open source 'tycoon' game project with
community authoring in mind.  i'll probably post
location and contacts here if/when it becomes a
reality, just in case anyone here wants to


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