[sf-lug] wifi for CentOS thinkpad

John Lowry johnlowry at gmail.com
Thu Jun 22 10:01:31 PDT 2006

Two things that I can think of offhand to figure it out. Both of these need
to done as root, I think.

This will give you a printout off all the devices you have. I am pretty sure
that the mini PCI card will show up on this list. Lets you know what driver
to look for. This can be done in whatever distro you are using.

Use this in Ubuntu. This will tell you what modules you have loaded. If the
driver is built into the kernel Ubuntu uses this won't help out much.

Also, here is a wiki that has all kinds of information on how to get linux
on a Thinkpad working:

According to the wiki the miniPCI card you have is Atheros-based, so the
MadWifi drivers will work with this. check out the "H" section for how-tos
on getting things working, such as using ndis-wrapper to get windows drivers
to work under linux.

John Lowry
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