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Jim Stockford jim.stockford at gmail.com
Fri Jun 16 09:56:10 PDT 2006

   what's the book like? I'm guessing the usual blurb
about history and general info then mostly about using
the commands (bash, ls, pwd, etc.). If so, you'll have
the dessicating work of figuring out why you'd use
those commands.
   On the other hand, you have to learn them if you're
gonna get hip to the IT jive. The commands are part
of the GNU toolkit and common to all linux distros.
   You should have access to a linux machine and
some kind of job you're trying to do (like make little
shell scripts that do things like manage a calendar
or keep track of names or some such). Of course
there are better, easier ways to calendar or track
names, but you want practice with something real,
seems to me.
   There's the RHEL 4 machine in the Javacat and
there's my machine you can ssh access from your
house ( for now, I'll get the 186 box up
soon, probably).
PS any sf-lug member is welcome to use my public
boxes. I paid money to buy them and to maintain the
static IP addresses so's to have pals to play with and
learn linux sysadm stuff.

On 6/15/06, vincent polite <vpolitewebsiteguy at yahoo.com> wrote:
> Well, I'm getting into my newbie Linux book, "Linux Made Easy", with
> Xandros. Yes, wrong branch of the Hatfield and the McCoys. Figure I could
> steal a daughter, and run off with here later, DNA test will be taken to
> evaluate how much inbreeding. He's taken baby steps to get us up to using
> wireless connectivity. No, I've haven't installed. Find the first run
> through takes longer then the Screwdriver to take effect. Maybe I'll
> remember something on the second run through. Got any little exercises I
> should play with to dig deeper.
> Thanks
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