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Wed Jun 7 13:03:27 PDT 2006

Has anyone seen the poster of a sheep, with an iPod, and the caption is, "iFollow"?

Thomas DiZoglio <thomas.dizoglio at eride.com> wrote:        I'm going.
 vincent polite wrote: I didn't know someone else felt like I do. I'd go.
   jim stockford <jim at well.com> wrote:        
 I'm for this, how about you guys?
 (Saturday, 10:30 AM at Stockton and Ellis--the Apple store)
 unless you _like_ DRM, that is.
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 > From: Peter Brown 

 > Date: June 6, 2006 2:59:26 PM PDT
 > To: Jim Stockford , Dick Verna ,     
 > Kyle Rankin , Peninsula LUG ,     
 > Imran Akbar , Dmitriy Shirchenko 
 > Subject: Anti-DRM efforts in the San-Francisco area
 > Hello,
 > I have a message below that I would like to get posted for the 
 > attention
 > of the San Francisco area lugs.
 > Let me know if that would be possible.
 > Thanks
 > peter
 > ------------------------------------------------------
 > Hello,
 > Come and join a group of technologists having some fun, and help get 
 > the
 > message out about DRM.
 > We are organizing a Flash Mob this Saturday at the Apple store in
 > San Francisco at 10:30am. All you need do is turn up and join the mob 
 > and
 > smile for the camera. We will be capturing photos and video to be 
 > posted
 > on the website http://defectivebydesign.org/
 > The first Flash Mob was a lot of fun and got huge coverage with front
 > page stories on Slashdot, Digg and BoinBoing. In the 14 since the
 > launch on May 23 we have had 2,000 technologists take the pledge to 
 > help
 > us spread the word about DRM. Raising awareness about DRM is vital.
 > These kind of events get the press coverage that gets people discussing
 > the issues. Once people know about DRM - we win.
 > http://www.boingboing.net/2006/05/23/antidrm_demonstrator.html
 > Come and join us and have some fun - and head for lunch afterward to
 > hang out with your fellow DRM-fighters.
 > Let me know you can make it by emailing me at
 > appleflash at defectivebydesign.org (enclose a phone number), and I will
 > call you with meet-up info.
 > Peter Brown
 > Executive Director
 > Free Software Foundation
 > Tel: +1-617-542-594
 > --------------------------------------------------
 > What is DRM?
 > Technology that restricts what you can do with the electronic devices
 > you own and the media you buy. DRM can be deployed in software, 
 > hardware
 > and content like music or movies. DRM enables Big Media to restrict
 > you.
 > THEY call it Digital RIGHTS Management - their rights. They want the
 > rights to restrict you and your behavior, so we call it Digital
 > RESTRICTIONS Management and CRAP (Content, Restriction, Annulment,
 > Protection).
 > DRM doesn't just restrict the use of music and movies, it can also be
 > used to restrict software or access to information. Introducing DRM
 > into our computers and devices hands over control to strangers. DRM can
 > monitor what you do and report on your behavior.
 > What is wrong with Apple and iTunes?
 > We have always been able to buy music and copy it for our personal
 > needs. We've all made mix tapes for our friends, or burned a copy for
 > our car, or for our portable device. Big Media figured that with 
 > digital
 > technology they could find a way to stop us from doing these things in
 > the hope that they could make us pay for every use. Apple has 
 > introduced
 > DRM into their product lines to please Big Media, and to impose
 > restrictions and monitoring. As the largest distributor of DRM
 > technology Apple is setting a new low for the mistreatment of our
 > freedoms.
 > Take back your technology, say no to DRM in your computer and in your
 > home. Join DefectiveByDesign.org http://defectivebydesign.org/
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