[sf-lug] sf-lug machine in javacat

David Reber morpheus2485 at gmail.com
Thu May 25 11:52:19 PDT 2006

dyndns.com provides a service to associate a dynamic ip to a

I don't know if they have a linux client which can call in from time to time
to report the ip, but it's worth looking into

On 5/25/06, jim stockford <jim at well.com> wrote:
>     Looks like I'll bring a Dell something-or-another
> loaded with CentOS 4 (or Whitebox 4) to the
> Javacat on Sunday at 4:00 PM to meet with their
> "IT guy" and put the machine on their premises.
>     Thus starts the sf-lug RHCT/E study group
> (CentOS is built from RedHat Enterprise Linux
> source code). At some point soon I'll write up a
> curriculum that reflects the RHCT/E tests.
>     Box Minimum: it'll have a high, static IP address
> on their LAN ( or some such ), will
> run in runlevel 3, will have a user account for a
> user named grumpy (ask me for password)--ssh
> into the box when you're in Javacat with your
> laptop or by using one of their machines.
>     Box Maximum: I may be able to talk the "IT guy"
> into allowing port-forwarding for ports 22 (ssh)
> and 80 (httpd).
>     This will be useless unless we can get the IP
> address that the Javacat's service provider passes
> into their router.
>     The only tho't I have on that score is to get a
> domain name and use some system that can
> associate a DHCP IP address, heartbeat style--
> that'll mean setting up "our box" to broadcast out
> on some regular basis, right? Benefit is we'll be
> able to log into the machine from elsewhere
> (home, in bed).
>     Barring that, you can always ask me for an
> account on my own boxes (running CentOS or
> Whitebox), which have static IPs ( ).
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