[sf-lug] sf-lug machine in javacat

jim stockford jim at well.com
Thu May 25 09:03:36 PDT 2006

    Looks like I'll bring a Dell something-or-another
loaded with CentOS 4 (or Whitebox 4) to the
Javacat on Sunday at 4:00 PM to meet with their
"IT guy" and put the machine on their premises.

    Thus starts the sf-lug RHCT/E study group
(CentOS is built from RedHat Enterprise Linux
source code). At some point soon I'll write up a
curriculum that reflects the RHCT/E tests.

    Box Minimum: it'll have a high, static IP address
on their LAN ( or some such ), will
run in runlevel 3, will have a user account for a
user named grumpy (ask me for password)--ssh
into the box when you're in Javacat with your
laptop or by using one of their machines.

    Box Maximum: I may be able to talk the "IT guy"
into allowing port-forwarding for ports 22 (ssh)
and 80 (httpd).
    This will be useless unless we can get the IP
address that the Javacat's service provider passes
into their router.
    The only tho't I have on that score is to get a
domain name and use some system that can
associate a DHCP IP address, heartbeat style--
that'll mean setting up "our box" to broadcast out
on some regular basis, right? Benefit is we'll be
able to log into the machine from elsewhere
(home, in bed).

    Barring that, you can always ask me for an
account on my own boxes (running CentOS or
Whitebox), which have static IPs ( ).

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