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David Sterry david at sterryit.com
Tue May 16 23:34:12 PDT 2006

A couple of reasons why people don't switch to Linux:
* Cost. This isn't a big factor for people since they mostly still think 
a computer should cost $1200+. The $100 MS tax is just thought of as 
part of the cost of the computer.
* Applications. I use photoshop and the Gimp doesn't compare. I use Word 
and Open Office feels skeletal(they really need a better text to columns 
* The learning curve. The vast majority of people don't learn for fun. 
They want all those skills they learned from Windows to still work on 
their distro of Linux.

Probably the best thing  for Linux on the consumer side is Trusted 
Computing and more restrictive DRM. When people are forced to pay for 
all the copyrighted content they copy and the software they've used 
outside the strict confines of EULA, they will understand that the black 
box they've been using has some nastiness inside and it's designed to 
cost them lots more than $100. Freedom in software will then begin to 
matter amongst the general public. They'll value open source code as a 
form of personal freedom. Hopefully at that time, switching to Linux 
will be as simple as a single click.

Sarah Mei wrote:

>>_Fully_ automated?  You don't get that on MS-Windows, either -- nor
>>would you want it, I think.
>Actually, it can be fully automated without so much as a confirmation
>dialog, if you want, on Windows 2000 and later, I believe.  Would I
>personally want it so?  No, but I set it up that way on all my
>relatives' computers.  :-)
>>Why don't you just try your luck with one or two of the desktop
>>distributions, and see for yourself?  It's much more meaningful and
>>useful than prolonged tire-kicking via mailing list threads.
>Sure.  Well, my question's been answered: modern distributions by and
>large all have some approximation of this feature.  The last time I
>installed Linux, lo these many years ago, this was not the case.
>And lastly, while I appreciate your input, if you don't find this
>discussion about a specific feature of Linux meaningful or useful, you
>always have the option of just not participating.
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