[sf-lug] maillist admin work

jim stockford jim at well.com
Tue May 16 19:23:54 PDT 2006

    Hey, in addition to the email list for sf-lug,
there's the sf-lug web stie to help out with.
    The etiquette/protocol is heavier duty than
for the mailing list, mainly because of the
person who's letting us use it. That and my
promise our web stie wouldn't put a lot of
load on his box (which is at 200 Paul Street
with backup everything).
    The current plan is to keep the main page
lean and point out from it to more elaborate
CPU-punishing stuff on one of my boxes
(which have static IP assignments but no
domain names--at this point the numbers
are easier to remember than a lot of the
domain names).
    I like the current plan because if we screw
up on my boxes, the other guy won't leap
down my throat (and I won't leap down yours).

On May 16, 2006, at 10:28 AM, Lx Rudis wrote:

>>> it is not my list, it's our list. i'm not the
>> leader.
>>> when i get email addressed to the leader, i
>>> dutifully forward it to you guys.
>> The attitude counts for a lot. >
> (a) One of the ongoing problems of mailing lists is
>> that people subscribe
>> from addresses that that then, for a huge variety of
>> reasons, become
>> non-deliverable.
> hey guys.
> is there any way i could be tasked with some low-level
> maintenance chores, such as keeping the list current,
> status reports, etc?
>  i need to beef up my skills in this area and
> currently have no focused task that'd help me.
> based on previous experience, i'd need basic ramp-up
> on techniques, and then would need to ask questions
> from time to time, lessening as the work progressed
> and i got more of a feel for 'where' i was in the
> project.
> i'm an odd sort of noob.  on the one hand i don't know
> anything.  on the other hand, in 96 i was webmaster
> for SF's Critical Mass bike ride and did all my web
> authoring in a line editor.
> x

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