[sf-lug] Consumer & admin (was: Possibly interesting data point on jobs postings)

Sarah Mei sarahmei at gmail.com
Tue May 16 18:51:27 PDT 2006

Thanks, everyone, for your thoughtful responses.

I was asking in the context of a question I've been thinking about
lately: why hasn't Linux taken off as a Windows replacement for
non-technical home users?  There are of course lots of reasons why
this might be, most of them having nothing at all to do with the
technology itself.

However, one interesting issue is that under Windows, non-technical
users can do basic upkeep themselves, which is what I meant by
"baseline admin tasks" -- the stuff you need to do to keep your
computer running.  In the Windows world, this is OS updates, virus
software, and spyware software.  In the Linux world, I suppose it's
just OS updates.  (Anything else?  I'm more of a user than a sys

So is there a distribution or an application that makes updates as
easy as they are under Windows?  By this I mean OS updates as a fully
automatic, you-never-see-it background feature, with the option to set
various levels of ask-me-first-ness.  Is Adept something like this?

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