[sf-lug] Another victory...

David Sterry david at sterryit.com
Sun May 14 23:29:53 PDT 2006

It sounds to me like an opportunity for some creative marketing. A 
different sign on each monitor that says:

- Years from now you can tell your friends you used Linux before Vista 
came out! They will bow and say, we're not worthy.

- Did you know you're using Linux right now?

- Did you know this computer has no antivirus software? Try that with 
(name of other OS)!

- Welcome to the future of computing. This machine's running Linux.

- A ticker...$'s saved by running linux on these 3 computers in Javacat.

- (Add your own)

or look through the ones here: http://www.stip.fr/linux/lfce/ (some of 
these are lame but there are a couple of good ones)


>What from 'the other OS' do they need from a public terminal!?
>(Esp. considering that OS costs quite a chunk of change, and requires a
>lot of time to maintain, compared to our favorite OS!)

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