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> Subject: Newsletter from the O'Reilly UG Program, April 20
> ================================================================
> O'Reilly UG Program News--Just for User Group Leaders
> April 20, 2006
> ================================================================
> -New Creative Media UG Program
> -Put Up an O'Reilly Open Source Convention Banner, Get a Free Book
> -Put Up an O'Reilly Where 2.0 Banner, Get a Free Book
> -Promotional Material Available
> ----------------------------------------------------------------
> Book Info
> ----------------------------------------------------------------
> ***Review Books are Available
> Copies of our books are available for your members to review--send me  
> an
> email and please include the book's ISBN number on your request (click
> on the "More Details" link to find it.) Let me know if you need your
> book by a certain date. Allow at least four weeks for shipping.
> ***Please Send Copies of Your Book Reviews
> Email me a copy of your newsletter or book review.
> For tips and suggestions on writing book reviews, go to:
> <http://ug.oreilly.com/bookreviews.html>
> ***Group Purchases with Better Discounts are Available
> Please let me know if you are interested and I can put you in
> touch with our sales department.
> ----------------------------------------------------------------
> General News or Inquiries
> ----------------------------------------------------------------
> ***New Creative Media UG Program
> We're expanding our user group and professional association program to
> include digital photography, graphic design, digital video, and other
> creative types. We need your help! If you belong to a group or have
> contacts that might be interested in our support (and free books)  
> direct
> them to our new Creative Media User Group program page to sign up:
> <http://ug.oreilly.com/creativemedia/>
> ***Put Up an O'Reilly Open Source Convention Banner, Get a Free Book
> We're looking for user groups to display our conference banner on their
> web sites. If you send me the link to your group's site with our OSCON
> banner, I'll send you the O'Reilly book of your choice.
> OSCON Banners:
> <http://ug.oreilly.com/banners/oscon/>
> ***ISBN Numbers--Moving Things Around on oreilly.com
> You may have noticed we've been updating our web site to make it
> easier to find your way. The ISBN, a crucial item when requesting  
> review
> copies of our books, has moved. You can find it easily when you click  
> on
> the "More Details" link under the main book title on any catalog page.
> ***Put Up an O'Reilly Where 2.0 Banner, Get a Free Book
> We're looking for user groups to display our conference banner on their
> web sites. If you send me the link to your group's site with our
> O’Reilly Where 2.0 conference banner, I'll send you the O'Reilly book
> of your choice.
> Where 2.0 Banners:
> <http://ug.oreilly.com/banners/where/>
> ***Promotional Material Available:
> The following items are available for your next meeting. (Let me know
> the item and the amount you'd like):
> -MAKE Magazine Volume 5 (limit one copy per group)
> -30% UG Discount bookmarks <http://ug.oreilly.com/banners/discount/>
> -Where 2.0 Conference brochures <http://conferences.oreilly.com/where/>
> ================================================================
> O'Reilly News for User Group Members
> April 20, 2006
> ================================================================
> ----------------------------------------------------------------
> New Releases
> ----------------------------------------------------------------
> -Running Boot Camp
> -The Art of RAW Conversion
> -Configuring SonicWALL Firewalls
> -Creative Computer Crafts
> -Enterprise Integration
> -Enterprise Services Architecture
> -Flash 8 Cookbook
> -HTML Utopia
> -JUNOS Cookbook
> -Keep it Simple with GarageBand
> -Learning SQL on SQL Server 2005
> -Learning UML 2.0
> -Linux Annoyances for Geeks
> -Nagios
> -PGP & GPG
> -Pragmatic Ajax
> -Programming PHP
> -RFID Security
> -Scripting VMware Power Tools
> -SQL Pocket Guide
> -Steal This Computer Book 4.0
> ----------------------------------------------------------------
> Upcoming Events
> ----------------------------------------------------------------
> -Maker Faire, San Mateo, CA--Apr 22-23
> -Digital Black and White with Stephen Johnson, Apr 22--
>  Pacifica, CA
> -Peter Morville at CHI 2006, Apr 22-27--Montreal, Canada
> -Collaborate 06, Apr 23-27--Nashville, TN
> -MySQL Users Conference, Apr 24-27--Santa Clara, CA
> -Niel M. Bornstein at the Desktop Linux Summit 2006, Apr 24-25,
>  San Diego, CA
> -Stephen Few at the DAMA International Symposium, Apr 26--
>  Denver, CO
> -Dan Gillmor at Columbia University, Apr 27--New York, NY
> -Peter Krogh at the Commercial Industrial Photographers of
>  New England, Apr 28--Boston, MA
> -Dan Gillmor at We Media Conference, May 4--London, England
> -Professional Exhibition with Stephen Johnson, May 6--Pacifica, CA
> -Dan Gillmor at Harvard Law School, May 12-13--Cambridge, MA
> -Dan Gillmor at Future in Review 2006 Conference, May 14--
>  San Diego, CA
> ----------------------------------------------------------------
> Conference News
> ----------------------------------------------------------------
> -OSCON, July 24-28--Portland,OR
> -Early Registration ending soon for the Where 2.0 Conference,
>  June 13-14--San Jose, CA
> -MySQL Users Conference, April 24-27--Santa Clara, CA
> ----------------------------------------------------------------
> News
> ----------------------------------------------------------------
> -O'Reilly Staff Picks
> -Fire Your Boss! A Guide to Successful Freelancing From Home
> -Building a FreeBSD Build System
> -The Software of Space Exploration
> -Mac FTP: A Guided Tour
> -Macintosh Home Monitoring
> -Programming Word from .NET
> -The Best Structure for Your Flash Site
> -Is AJAX Cross-Browser?
> -Implementing Mutual Exclusion for AJAX
> -Supporting Branch Office Environments
> -Scaling Games Up
> -Patterns for Communication, Moderation, and Information Processing
> -Aperture 1.1--Apple Listens
> -Digital "Not Hot" at Sundance 2006
> -Maker Faire Update, April 22-23--San Mateo, CA
> -MAKE Video Podcast
> -Make Sample Projects
> ----------------------------------------------------------------
> New Releases--Books, PDFs, and Rough Cuts
> ----------------------------------------------------------------
> Get 30% off a single book or 35% off two or more books from O'Reilly,
> No Starch, Paraglyph, PC Publishing, Pragmatic Bookshelf, SitePoint,
> or Syngress books you purchase directly from O'Reilly.
> Just use code DSUG when ordering online or by phone 800-998-9938.
> <http://www.oreilly.com/store/>
> Free ground shipping on orders $29.95 or more.
> For more details, go to:
> <http://www.oreilly.com/news/freeshipping_0703.html>
> Did you know you can request a free book to review for your
> group? Ask your group leader for more information.
> For book review writing tips and suggestions, go to:
> <http://ug.oreilly.com/bookreviews.html>
> ***Running Boot Camp
> O'Reilly PDF (limited review copies available)
> "Running Boot Camp" guides you step-by-step through the entire Boot  
> Camp
> installation process, including upgrading your Mac's Firmware, creating
> the Macintosh Drivers CD to make XP work properly with your Mac's
> hardware, and using the Boot Camp Assistant to partition your hard  
> drive
> and install Windows XP. You'll also learn how to avoid common pitfalls
> (such as previously partitioned drives and wrong disk permissions). And
> finally, you'll find out which Mac functions don't work in XP and which
> XP features backfire on a Mac. With this invaluable guide at your side,
> you'll finish configuring your dual-boot Mac in as little as two hours,
> avoiding numerous hazards and annoyances along the way.
> <http://www.oreilly.com/catalog/bootcamp/>
> ***The Art of RAW Conversion
> Publisher: No Starch Press
> ISBN: 1593270674
> "The Art of RAW Conversion" shows how to work with the RAW files  
> generated
> by a digital camera to produce the best possible image quality in
> finished photos. The authors (both experts in digital photography, file
> processing, printing, and color management) describe the conversion
> tools used to enhance RAW files and maximize photo quality. Covers  
> Adobe
> Photoshop CS and other leading RAW converters.
> <http://www.oreilly.com/catalog/1593270674/index.html>
> ***Configuring SonicWALL Firewalls
> Publisher: Syngress
> ISBN: 1597492507
> "Configuring SonicWALL Firewalls" is the first book to deliver an  
> in-depth
> look at the SonicWALL firewall product line. It covers all of the
> aspects of the SonicWALL product line from the SOHO devices to the
> Enterprise SonicWALL firewalls. Also covered are advanced
> troubleshooting techniques and the SonicWALL Security Manager. This  
> book
> offers novice users a complete opportunity to learn the SonicWALL
> firewall appliance. Advanced users will find it a rich technical
> resource.
> <http://www.oreilly.com/catalog/1597492507/>
> ***Creative Computer Crafts
> Publisher: No Starch Press
> ISBN: 1593270682
> This eye-catching, 4-color book shows how to use a computer and an
> inkjet printer to make fun and functional projects. All projects  
> include
> step-by-step instructions, diagrams, and full-color photos of the
> finished product. Includes a resource list of websites and message
> boards and an exhaustive supplier listing for various computer crafting
> materials.
> <http://www.oreilly.com/catalog/1593270682/index.html>
> ***Enterprise Integration with Ruby
> Publisher: Pragmatic Bookshelf
> ISBN: 0976694069
> Typical enterprises use dozens, hundreds, and sometimes even thousands
> of applications, components, services, and databases. They run on
> heterogeneous operating systems and hardware, they use databases and
> messaging systems from various vendors, and they were written in
> different programming languages. This book shows you how to knit these
> different systems together using a variety of techniques and
> technologies.
> <http://www.oreilly.com/catalog/0976694069/>
> ***Enterprise SOA
> Publisher: O'Reilly
> ISBN: 0596102380
> Based on extensive research with experts from the German software
> company SAP, this definitive book is ideal for architects, developers,
> and other IT professionals who want to understand the technology and
> business relevance of ESA in a detailed way-especially those who want  
> to
> move on the technology now, rather than in the next year or two.
> <http://www.oreilly.com/catalog/enterprisesa/index.html>
> ***Flash 8 Cookbook
> Publisher: O'Reilly
> This practical, nuts-and-bolts toolkit puts theory into practice with
> ready-made answers to common Flash development questions. It's the
> perfect resource for Flash developers, as well as designers who are
> ready to start doing development work. Using O'Reilly's popular
> Problem/Solution/Discussion Cookbook format, this book offers 280
> stand alone recipes that include a brief explanation of how and why
> the solution works, so you can adapt it to similar situations you
> may run across in the future.
> <http://www.oreilly.com/catalog/flash8ckbk/>
> ***HTML Utopia, Second Edition
> Publisher: SitePoint
> ISBN: 0975240277
> "HTML Utopia" is for anyone who wants to use Cascading Style Sheets for
> layout, which allow for faster webpage downloads, easier site
> maintenance and faster re-designs. The second edition of this popular
> book includes brand new coverage of Internet Explorer 7, Firefox 1.1,
> new CSS Solutions, and greatly expanded coverage of popular,
> cross-browser, CSS layout techniques.
> <http://www.oreilly.com/catalog/0975240277/>
> ***JUNOS Cookbook
> Publisher: O'Reilly
> ISBN: 0596100140
> "JUNOS Cookbook" is the first comprehensive book about JUNOS software
> and it provides over 200 time-saving step-by-step techniques including
> discussions about the processes and alternative ways to perform the  
> same
> task. It's been tested and tech-reviewed by field engineers who know  
> how
> to take JUNOS out for a spin and it's applicable to the entire line of
> M-, T-, and J-series routers.
> <http://www.oreilly.com/catalog/junosckbk/>
> ***Keep it Simple with GarageBand
> Publisher: PC Publishing
> ISBN: 1870775163
> Contains a series of easy music making projects for beginners and
> amateur musicians. Follow these simple projects and you'll not only
> learn how to use GarageBand effectively, you'll also pick up tips on
> songwriting, constructing tunes, and pro-style audio production along
> the way. Each project is preceded by on-topic, and background
> information.
> <http://www.oreilly.com/catalog/1870775163/>
> ***Learning SQL on SQL Server 2005
> Publisher: O'Reilly
> ISBN: 0596102151
> If you're new to databases, or need a SQL refresher, this step-by-step
> introduction has everything you need to generate, manipulate, and
> retrieve data using Microsoft's SQL Server 2005. Every topic, concept,
> and idea in the book comes with examples of code and output, along with
> exercises to help you gain proficiency. Plenty of texts explain  
> database
> theory. This book lets you apply the theory as you learn SQL.
> <http://www.oreilly.com/catalog/learnsqlsvr05/>
> ***Learning UML 2.0
> Publisher: O'Reilly
> ISBN: 0596009828
> Engaging and accessible, this book shows you how to use UML to craft  
> and
> communicate your project's design. Russ Miles and Kim Hamilton have
> written a pragmatic introduction to UML; based on hard earned practice,
> not theory. Regardless of the software process or methodology you use,
> this book is the one source you need to get up and running with UML  
> 2.0.
> <http://www.oreilly.com/catalog/learnuml2/>
> ***Linux Annoyances for Geeks
> Publisher: O'Reilly
> ISBN: 0596008015
> GNU/Linux is an immensely popular operating system that is extremely
> stable and reliable. But it can also induce minor headaches at the most
> inopportune times if you're not fully up to speed with its  
> capabilities.
> In keeping with the spirit of the Annoyances series, the book adopts a
> sympathetic tone that will quickly win you over. Rather than blaming  
> you
> for possessing limited Linux savvy, "Linux Annoyances for Geeks" takes
> you along for a fun-filled ride as you master the system together.
> <http://www.oreilly.com/catalog/linuxannoygks/>
> ***Nagios
> Publisher: No Starch Press
> ISBN: 1593270704
> "Nagios: System and Network Monitoring" shows how to configure and use
> Nagios, an open source system and network monitoring tool. Nagios makes
> it possible to continuously monitor network services (SMTP, POP3, HTTP,
> NNTP, PING, etc.), host resources (processor load, disk and memory
> usage, running processes, log files, etc.), and environmental factors
> (such as temperature). When Nagios detects a problem, it communicates
> the information to the sys admin via email, pager, SMS, or other
> user-defined method.
> <http://www.oreilly.com/catalog/1593270704/index.html>
> ***PGP & GPG
> Publisher: No Starch Press
> ISBN: 1593270712
> "PGP & GPG" is an easy-to read, informal tutorial for implementing
> electronic privacy on the cheap using the standard tools of the email
> privacy field--commercial PGP and non-commercial GnuPG (GPG). The book
> shows how to integrate these OpenPGP implementations into the most
> common email clients and how to use PGP and GPG in daily email
> correspondence to both send and receive encrypted email.
> <http://www.oreilly.com/catalog/1593270712/index.html>
> ***Pragmatic Ajax
> Publisher: Pragmatic Bookshelf
> ISBN: 0976694085
> It used to be that you had to make a hard choice: the ease of  
> deployment
> of a web page, or the interactive features of a rich desktop
> application. Now you can have it all. Ajax redefines the user  
> experience
> for web applications. Using existing standards, your application can
> provide a compelling user interface--delivered plug-in free--using
> modern web browsers. This book shows you how to work the Ajax magic
> easily, exploring both the fundamental technologies and the emerging
> frameworks that make it easy.
> <http://www.oreilly.com/catalog/0976694085/>
> ***Programming PHP, Second Edition
> Publisher: O'Reilly
> ISBN: 0596006810
> As the industry standard book on PHP, all of the essentials are covered
> in a clear and concise manner. Language, syntax, and programming
> techniques are coupled with numerous examples that illustrate both
> correct usage and common idioms. With style tips and practical
> programming advice, this book will help you become a good PHP
> programmer. "Programming PHP, Second Edition" covers everything you
> need to know to create effective web applications with PHP.
> <http://www.oreilly.com/catalog/progphp2/>
> ***RFID Security
> Publisher: Syngress
> ISBN: 1597490474
> Wal-Mart was the main force behind the widespread adoption of bar codes
> in the 80s; they have now started the conversion from bar codes to RFID
> tags and are requiring all of their suppliers to switch to RFID tags or
> lose their business. RFID will become a mainstream technology whether  
> we
> like it or not and anyone using barcode technology will need to have
> their RFID solution in place quickly. This book teaches readers about
> the security implications of RFID.
> <http://www.oreilly.com/catalog/1597490474/>
> ***Scripting VMware Power Tools
> Publisher: Syngress
> ISBN: 1597490598
> This book covers the native tools that VMware provides with ESX Server.
> It discusses in detail the different scripting API's and how they
> can be leveraged to provide useful, practical and time saving
> tools to manage a virtual infrastructure. From virtual server
> provisioning to backups and everything in between, all are covered
> in detail with real world examples that have been tested and will work
> either copied directly from the book or with slight modifications for
> specific environments.
> <http://www.oreilly.com/catalog/1597490598/index.html>
> ***SQL Pocket Guide
> Publisher: O'Reilly
> ISBN: 0596526881
> Now available in an updated second edition, our very popular "SQL  
> Pocket
> Guide" is a major help to programmers, database administrators, and
> everyone who uses SQL in their day-to-day work. The "SQL Pocket Guide"  
> is
> a concise reference for frequently used SQL statements and commonly  
> used
> SQL functions. Not just an endless collection of syntax diagrams, this
> portable guide addresses the language's complexity head on and leads by
> example. The information in this edition has been updated to reflect  
> the
> latest versions of the most commonly used SQL variants.
> <http://www.oreilly.com/catalog/sqlpg2/>
> ***Steal This Computer Book 4.0
> Publisher: No Starch Press
> ISBN: 1593271050
> This offbeat, non-technical book examines what hackers do, how they do
> it, and how readers can protect themselves. Informative, irreverent,  
> and
> entertaining, the completely revised fourth edition of "Steal This
> Computer Book" contains new chapters that discuss the hacker mentality,
> lock picking, exploiting P2P file sharing networks, and how people
> manipulate search engines and pop-up ads. Includes a CD with hundreds  
> of
> megabytes of hacking and security-related programs that tie-in to each
> chapter in the book.
> <http://www.oreilly.com/catalog/1593271050/index.html>
> ***MAKE Magazine Subscriptions
> The annual subscription price for four issues is $34.95. When you
> subscribe with this link, you'll get a free issue--the first one plus
> four more for $34.95. So subscribe for yourself or friends with this
> great offer for charter subscribers: five volumes for the cost of four.
> Subscribe at:
> <https://www.pubservice.com/MK/Subnew.aspx?PC=MK&PK=M5ZUGLA>
> ================================================
> Upcoming Events
> ================================================
> ***For more events, please see:
> http://events.oreilly.com/
> ***Maker Faire, Apr 22-23, San Mateo, CA
> Join us for MAKE magazine's first ever Maker Faire—a hands-on event
> featuring Makers whose science and technology projects will amaze you
> and ignite your imagination. Meet expert Makers and MAKE contributors,
> hear from O'Reilly's Hacks authors, attend DIY Tutorials, explore DIY
> projects and demonstrations, and see the Ultimate Workshop. This event
> takes place at San Mateo County Fairgrounds.
> <http://www.makezine.com/faire/>
> ***Digital Black and White with Stephen Johnson, Apr 22--Pacifica, CA
> Photographer and author Stephen Johnson ("Stephen Johnson on Digital
> Photography") presents this one-day seminar.
> <http://www.sjphoto.com/one-day-seminars-SP06.html>
> ***Peter Morville at CHI 2006, Apr 22-27--Montreal, Canada
> Author Peter Morville (Ambient Findability) is speaking at CHI 2006
> "It's About the Information Stupid!"
> <http://www.chi2006.org/>
> ***Collaborate 06, Apr 23-27--Nashville, TN	
> Author Peter Robson ("The Art of SQL") is presenting at Collaborate 06,
> the Technology and Applications Forum for the Oracle Community, hosted
> by the Independent Oracle Users Group, the Oracle Applications Users
> Group, and Quest International Users Group.
> <http://www.ioug.org/collaborate06/>
> ***MySQL Users Conference, Apr 24-27--Santa Clara, CA
> O'Reilly is teaming up with MySQL AB to present the largest gathering  
> of
> MySQL developers and users. The 2006 Conference will feature leading
> industry keynote speakers, the latest MySQL open source technologies,
> and interactive sessions and tutorials. Peruse the latest products and
> services in the expanded Exhibit Hall, meet the MySQL development team,
> and rub shoulders with fellow MySQL users.
> <http://mysqluc.com/>
> ***Niel M. Bornstein at the Desktop Linux Summit 2006, Apr 24-25,
>  San Diego, CA
> Author Niel M. Bornstein ("Mono: A Developer's Notebook")is speaking
> about desktop Linux in education.
> <http://www.wilshireconferences.com/MD2006/index.htm>
> ***Stephen Few at the DAMA International Symposium, Apr 26--Denver, CO
> Author Stephen Few ("Information Dashboard Design") conducts two
> workshops: "Show Me the Numbers: Communicating Effectively with Charts"
> and "Information Visualization for Discovery and Analysis."
> <http://www.wilshireconferences.com/MD2006/index.htm>
> ***Dan Gillmor at Columbia University, Apr 27--New York, NY
> Author Dan Gillmor ("We the Media") is giving a lecture and public talk
> called "We the Media: The Rise of Grassroots, Open Source
> Journalism"	At the Columbia Graduate School of Journalism.
> <http://www.jrn.columbia.edu/events/hearst/>
> ***Peter Krogh at the Commercial Industrial Photographers of New
> England, Apr 28--Boston, MA
> Author Peter Krogh ("The DAM Book: Digital Asset Management for
> Photographers") will be discussing DAM at CIPNE's annual membership
> meeting.
> <http://www.cipne.org/Programs/programs.html>
> ***Dan Gillmor at We Media Conference, May 4--London, England
> Author Dan Gillmor ("We the Media") is participating in a forum
> discussing "We and the Media."
> <http://www.mediacenterblog.org/events/06/wemedialondon/home/>
> ***Professional Exhibition with Stephen Johnson, May 6--Pacifica, CA
> Photographer and author Stephen Johnson ("Stephen Johnson on Digital
> Photography") presents this one-day seminar.
> <http://www.sjphoto.com/one-day-seminars-SP06.html>
> ***Dan Gillmor at Harvard Law School, May 12-13--Cambridge, MA
> Author Dan Gillmor ("We the Media") is participating in a forum
> discussing "Beyond Broadcasting.
> <http://www.beyondbroadcast.net/blog/>
> ***Dan Gillmor at Future in Review 2006 Conference, May 14--
>  San Diego, CA
> Author Dan Gillmor ("We the Media") will be discussing "From
> Blogs to RSS to...the Future of News Reporting."
> <http://www.futureinreview.com/participants.php>
> ================================================
> Conference News
> ================================================
> ***OSCON, July 24-28--Portland,OR
> OSCON, the O'Reilly Open Source Convention, is still where open source
> rubber meets the road. OSCON happens July 24-28, 2006 in open source
> hotspot Portland, Oregon, and registration has just opened. Hundreds of
> sessions and tutorials. Thousands of open source mavericks, brainiacs,
> hackers, activists, scientists, and their admirers, some in
> business-casual disguise. Read all about it.
> <http://conferences.oreilly.com/oscon/>
> User Group members who register before June 5, 2006 get a double
> discount. Use code "os06dsug" when you register, and receive 15% off
> the early registration price.
> To register for the conference, go to:
> <http://conferences.oreillynet.com/pub/w/46/register.html>
> ***Early Registration ending soon for the Where 2.0 Conference,
> June 13-14--San Jose, CA
> The Where 2.0 Conference brings together the people, projects, and
> issues leading the charge into the location-based technology frontier.
> Join the developers, innovators, and business people behind the new era
> of geospatial technology as they come together--because everything
> happens somewhere, and it's all happening here at Where 2.0.
> <http://conferences.oreilly.com/where/>
> User Group members who register before April 24, 2006 get a double
> discount. Use code "whr06dsug" when you register, and receive 15% off
> the early registration price.
> To register for the conference, go to:
> <http://conferences.oreillynet.com/pub/w/47/register.html>
> ***MySQL Users Conference, April 24-27--Santa Clara, CA
> Join us at the 2006 edition of the MySQL Users Conference, the largest
> gathering of MySQL developers, users, and DBAs. It's the only event
> where you'll be able to join the core MySQL development team and over
> 1000 users, open source innovators, and technology partners under one
> roof.
> <http://www.mysqluc.com/>
> Use code "mys06dusg" when you register, and receive 15% off
> the early registration price.
> To register for the conference, go to:
> <http://www.mysqluc.com/pub/w/45/register.html>
> ================================================
> News From O'Reilly & Beyond
> ================================================
> ---------------------
> General News
> ---------------------
> ***O'Reilly Staff Picks
> Now you can see what Tim O'Reilly, Phil Torrone, chromatic, and more
> consider thier favorites.
> <http://admin.oreillynet.com/pub/q/staffpicks>
> ***Fire Your Boss! A Guide to Successful Freelancing From Home
> Sick of the commute? Want to establish your own freelance consultancy?
> Here's the kick-start you've been waiting for! Neil and Jarvis help you
> assess whether you're cut out to run your own business, and show you  
> how
> to recognize, understand, and address risk.
> <http://www.sitepoint.com/article/fire-your-boss-home-freelance>
> ---------------------
> Open Source
> ---------------------
> ***Building a FreeBSD Build System
> Keeping a single BSD system up to date is relatively easy. Keeping a
> whole business full of servers fresh with patches and new applications
> and updates is more work--unless you take advantage of the ports  
> system.
> Bjorn Nelson walks through the design and implementation of a build
> system usable to push fresh binaries to as many servers as you have.
> <http://www.onlamp.com/pub/a/bsd/2006/04/13/freebsd-build-system.html>
> ***The Software of Space Exploration
> Free software advocates often appeal to the open discovery, disclosure,
> and discussion practices of modern science as justification for sharing
> information. As software becomes more valuable for scientific research,
> free and open source software continues to grow in popularity. David
> Boswell looks at some of the software used in space exploration and
> usable by armchair scientists.
> <http://www.onlamp.com/pub/a/onlamp/2006/03/30/software-of-space- 
> exploration.html>
> ---------------------
> Mac
> ---------------------
> ***Mac FTP: A Guided Tour
> (S)FTP has a special place in the hearts of web builders and
> developers, and is still one of the most practical methods of getting
> files from one place to another in a secure manner. In this article,
> Giles Turnbull surveys six FTP clients for the Mac platform and shows
> you the major characteristics of each.
> <http://www.macdevcenter.com/pub/a/mac/2006/04/13/ftp.html>
> ***Macintosh Home Monitoring
> Want to learn a few simple home automation techniques to have your Mac
> send you a message when your mail is delivered, your kids get home, or
> your dog uses the pet door to go into the backyard? Gordon Meyer shows
> you how.
> <http://www.macdevcenter.com/pub/a/mac/2006/04/04/automation.html>
> ---------------------
> Web
> ---------------------
> ***The Best Structure For Your Flash Site
> Few developers know how to use Keyframes, ActionScript, and MovieClips,
> and can control the Flash playhead to their advantage. Optimizing your
> use of these elements can help you reduce file size, minimize download
> times, and create efficiencies that make altering your work easy.
> <http://www.sitepoint.com/article/structure-flash-site>
> ***Is AJAX Cross-Browser?
> What does AJAX mean (if anything) for cross-browser compatibility?  
> Kevin
> Yank takes a look at both sides of the argument.
> <http://www.sitepoint.com/blogs/2006/03/24/is-ajax-cross-browser/>
> ---------------------
> Java
> ---------------------
> ***Implementing Mutual Exclusion for AJAX
> AJAX programmers who come from the Java world should be concerned with
> JavaScript's non-support for safely managing data structures in a
> concurrent fashion. If one thread is changing the DOM while another is
> reading it, problems are likely. Java developers can attack this with
> tools from the synchronized keyword and the old Object wait()/release()
> to the modern java.util.concurrent package introduced in J2SE 5.0.  
> Bruce
> Wallace addresses the problem by introducing protection for critical
> blocks of JavaScript code.
> <http://www.onjava.com/pub/a/onjava/2006/04/05/ajax-mutual- 
> exclusion.html>
> ---------------------
> Podcasts
> ---------------------
> ***Scaling Games Up
> This week we're talking about games. Big games. Amy Jo Kim talks about
> taking the lessons from game playing and applying them to your
> applications. Jane McGonigal talks about scaling up intimate two player
> games so that thousands of people can thumb wrestle. (DTF 04-18-2006:  
> 27
> minutes 49 seconds)
> <http://www.oreillynet.com/pub/a/network/2006/04/18/distributing-the- 
> future.html>
> ***Patterns for Communication, Moderation, and Information Processing
> We're finding patterns everywhere. Clay Shirky talks about patterns of
> moderation strategy, Jon Udell makes recommendations for those of us
> seeking attention, and George Dyson helps us understand the present by
> looking back at Von Neumann. (DTF 04-03-2006: 31 minutes 05 seconds)
> <http://www.oreillynet.com/pub/a/network/2006/04/03/distributing-the- 
> future.html>
> For more podcasts, go to:
> <http://www.oreillynet.com/podcasts/>
> ---------------------
> Digital Media
> ---------------------
> ***Aperture 1.1--Apple Listens
> With Aperture's new features, bug fixes, and universal compatibility
> with PowerMacs and Intel Macs, it's now a serious contender for top
> digital photo software. Scott Bourne reviews Version 1.1.
> <http://www.macdevcenter.com/pub/a/mac/2006/04/18/aperture.html>
> ***Digital "Not Hot" at Sundance 2006
> Digital cinema is no longer new or novel, but it is clearly and
> inevitably, the wave of the future. Susan Boyer attended this year's
> Sundance film festival and gives us a glimpse at how the cinematic  
> landscape is
> changing.
> http://digitalmedia.oreilly.com/2006/04/05/digital-not-hot-at- 
> sundance-2006.html
> ---------------------
> ---------------------
> ***Maker Faire, San Mateo County Fairgrounds, San Mateo, CA--April  
> 22-23
> Join the creators of MAKE magazine, the MythBusters, and thousands of
> tech DIY enthusiasts, crafters, educators, tinkerers, hobbyists,  
> science
> clubs, students, and authors at MAKE's first ever Maker Faire!
> People and attractions we'll have at the Faire includes: a flying  
> Pterosaur
> replica, a flock of whale blimps, a giant painting machine, DIY RFID
> implants, model rocketry, breadboarding, trailer glass blowing, The
> Crucible's welding workshops off the back of a fire truck, pinhole
> photography, soldering, spud gun building, bubble machines and a bubble
> guy that appeared on Johnny Carson in the seventies, Bunnie Huang, Joe  
> Grand,
> William Gurstelle and his Backyard Ballistics, The Exploratorium, Zeum,
> The Lunar Society (rocket builders), Graffiti Research Lab, Squid Labs,
> biodiesel making, electric cars, a Linux supercomputer cluster running
> on veggie oil, neon art, circuit bending, VJs, slide rules, pinball
> restoration, the Phenomenauts, Satan's Calliope and much more. Quite
> an eclectic collection, not to mention Diana Eng of Bravo's Project
> Runway and the 50 craft booths in Bizarre Bazaar and the  
> Swap-o-Rama-Rama.
> CNN, NPR's Science Friday's Ira Flatow, KPIX TV, Discover Magazine, CBS
> News, The Discovery Channel, The New York Times, Kevin Rose of Digg and
> digg.com Films, and CNET will be covering the event. But hey why wait
> to read it in a blog or see it on TV when you can be there in person?
> If you haven't purchased your ticket yet, visit:
> <http://www.makezine.com/faire/>
> ***MAKE Video Podcast
> The making of a Warbot and death of a RAZR phone.
> <http://www.makezine.com/blog/archive/2006/04/ 
> make_video_podcast_the_making.html>
> ***Try a Sample Project from MAKE:
> <http://makezine.com/samples/>
> Until next time--
> Marsee Henon
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> O'Reilly
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> Sebastopol, CA   95472
> http://ug.oreilly.com/  http://ug.oreilly.com/creativemedia/
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