[sf-lug] monster opensource article, last night's Drive of the Penguins

Lx Rudis lx_rudis at sbcglobal.net
Wed Apr 12 11:14:12 PDT 2006

inside this:

> http://technology.monster.com/articles/opensrc/
> I found it in Vince's article, it's a rahrah piece
> extolling the benefits of contributing to some

 there is a link to this:


i'm going through it right now, mostly it states the
obvious, but it is great to have reminders such this
laid out and available for when one's creativity and
stick-to-it-iveness is at a low point...

good links, thanks!

also - thanks to the gang up at SFSU who hosted us
last night!  it was a great alternative to the Javacat
meetings, and from the sound of things last night we
are going to make this a regular monthly thing.  

probably the most important thing i heard was from one
of the students, kyle.  he shared that sometimes he
feels intimidated when asking questions about Linux on
mail lists.  it was a reminder to me that _i_ do this
also, and that it is not the best way to pursue
knowledge about something like open source computing. 

kyle, a self-admitted noob probably offered the most
sophisticated issue of the evening - the importance of
asking questions, no matter how 'dumb' they may seem.


jim frightened some other students prior to the
meeting.  we wandered into the wrong classroom with
the gear, asked if it was the Linux group.

they stared at us as if we'd just been decanted from a
flying saucer.  one or two said 'uh, no' or something
equally inspired.

then jim hinted that they weren't good enough to use
Linux and we stalked out of the classroom.

jim is my hero.  i'm going to get a mean lookin'
penguin tattoo on my arm and a leather jacket that
says SF LINUX USERS GROUP on the back.  then i'm going
back to that campus and just sort of hang out on my
motorcycle there, maybe do a little scriptin' or bug
checkin'  on my laptop in between greasing my hair and
lookin' cool.  yeah!


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