[sf-lug] Tuesday meeting at SFSU 6:30

jim stockford jim at well.com
Fri Apr 7 07:03:51 PDT 2006

    The usual format for our meetings is people come
and hang out, and fall into conversations. It seems
to work.
    For the SFSU crowd, I'm bringing a machine with
aRedHat-ish linux installed along with some Ubuntu
"live" CDs. Going on Cyrus' comments, I figure the
format will be Q and A. I'll be a moderator at least
for the first half hour, asking people about themselves,
what they know about Linux, and what they want to
learn. I can easily give a blurb on Linux' position in
the software industry, its growth, job possibilities,
resources, applications, and so on, including
debunking stale misconceptions. Other SF-LUG
members are coming, and they can represent
their interests.
    I'll for sure advertise the SF-LUG mailing list and
the fact of our little community and its availability to
help with homework.
    People will have the opportunity to use the
machine--I'll govern their access so that as many
people as possible get to check it out.
    Got any comments? Lemme know.

    I'll be coming home (ocean beach area) around
5:00 to get the machine and can swing by Richmond
and Sunset to pick people up (ride home after, too).
Send email if you want me to pick you up. If you get
there on your own, if you live in Richmond or Sunset,
I can take you home (van seats seven).

    "There" still seems to be:
Thornton Hall, approachable quite easily from 19th Ave.
A campus map can be found at http://www.sfsu.edu/~sfsumap/
    If you follow 19th Ave going south, you will see Hensill
and Thornton at right angles.
    The Muni line is M-Ocean View.

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