[sf-lug] meeting news, books, free Ubuntu

jim stockford jim at well.com
Sun Apr 2 14:24:40 PDT 2006

    I got there before 11 so's to get a parking place.
others showed up kind of 11:30, I supposed they
tho't they were coming early (daylight savings).

    Discussion was a lot about the gaming industry,
with mention of IBM's cell CPU (and Sony's
possible life-or-death dependence on it) and the
happy prospects for linux.
    Discussion also pointed out the miseries of
late-comers in a time-to-market world.

    Harold brought a cellphone made by HTC
( www.xda-developers.com ) (XDA, MDA, SX-56,
Qtek...) that's running The Other Platform CD,
but can run linux--and does, and so do several
other PDA-cellphones, but only in Asia.

    If you remember mention of the O'Reilly books
that showed up in my (our) PO box, they're now
gone: Linux Server Hacks, Linux Multimedia
Hacks, Intermediate Perl.

    Ubuntu came up in discussion repeatedly.
You can get Ubuntu for free:
You'll have to register.... I ordered five for

    Next meeting is at San Francisco State U., on
19th at Holloway, Tuesday, April 11, from 6:30 PM
to 9:00 PM. You can negotiate rides to and from
your place by emailing jim at well.com, long as I
can get there before 6:30 (to set up the machine).

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