[sf-lug] Tux Paint CD-ROMs are here

jim stockford jim at well.com
Thu Mar 23 19:00:30 PST 2006

hiya bill:
    I've gotta have some kind of paint program
to work on our (very slow-to-develop) sf-lug
web site.
    So i got yours!
    I'll be loading and using in a day or so (I got
employment these days, so time is tight) and
am pretty excited about trying it out.
    I paid for extras, partly to support the
development crew, partly to have the CDs
available for the sf-lug bunch--available
now (I might even drive it over to whomever
buys one), and with cheaper shipping!
    These are the untouched, exact CDs that
CafePress sent to my (our) PO box. That
they won't run on a particular platform is
actually a matter of my refusing to share
my property or do anything that in any way
promotes a particular other platform (the
binaries probably work fine).
    I may not be as particular as he who
shaves, but I'm getting kind of piqued at
surveys lately.

On Mar 23, 2006, at 12:43 PM, Bill Kendrick wrote:

> On Wed, Mar 22, 2006 at 09:07:52PM -0800, jim stockford wrote:
>>     I bought three Tux Paint CD-ROMs and want to
>> keep one for myself.
>>     I'm willing to sell the other two for my cost (CD
>> price plus 1/3 shipping).
> Hi Jim! ;^)
>>     Tux Paint CDs claim to work for three platforms:
>> Linux, Mac OSX, and one other.
>>     I believe in the case of the CDs I have that they
>> will not run on the other platform, only on Mac OSX
>> and Linux. But if you buy Tux Paint CDs or choose
>> to download the program, I believe you can get
>> your copies to run on the other platform.
> Hrm, the CD should contain subfolders with:
>   * an installer for Windows,
>   * an installer for Mac OS X,
>   * RPM packages for various Red Hat and Fedora CORE Linux releases,
>   * source code
>   * documentation
>>     So if you have a linux or Mac OSX machine and
>> want to buy Tux Paint from me at my cost (and save
>> a little shipping for y'se'f), lemme know.
>> jim at well.com
>> PS  you'll also spare yourself the wait and the
>> mildly obnoxious CafePress follow-up survey.
> Thx Jim!  What brought this on, anyhow!? ;^)
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