[sf-lug] sf-lug at SFSU

Rick Smith rick at rbsmith.com
Sun Mar 19 21:41:57 PST 2006

jim stockford wrote:
 >     Thanks to Sameer, the IMSA bunch at San Francisco
 > State University (IMSA at SFSU), in the person of Cyrus
 > Makalinaw, claims to be definitely interested in
 > once-a-month SF-LUG meetings on campus. I have
 > offered to traipse out at least one computer for Linux
 > demos and mayhem.
 >     I'm hoping the few of you who prematurely offered
 > to come on down will do so for our first (as yet not
 > scheduled) meeting.

I'd be willing.  I've had conflicts with Sunday and Monday.
so haven't done much showing up recently.  I'll do what
I can to show up.  Most other weeknight and weekend time
is free, but Sunday morning through lunch and Monday night.

 >     That's the latest news.
 > jim
 > PS I'm a little worried, given tomorrow night's Python
 > speaker, that nobody has made "Monday Python
 > night" jokes. Well, the fewer people who come, the
 > more individual attention we get.

Heh, sorry to have missed the chance.  And sorry to miss
the talk.  Hope it goes well!  Thanks Jim.

-- Rick

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