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tobi x grrrebelsoul at yahoo.com
Mon Mar 20 10:03:50 PST 2006

hello all!
  my name is t.rex and i am new to this group!  i have known about  linux for years now and have always been a supporter of its ideas of  open-source and less-commercial programming.  but i never took the  initiative to learn more about it for myself...until now...
  i don't know much about programming, but i've been reading up and  trying to learn more.  i am thinking about transitioning to a  linux system, or maybe partitioning my laptop to have both the existing  windows xp and linux, but i'm not sure how to proceed.
  from what i've read, the first step is to download the linux system and  perhaps python or perl [for learning programming].  i am confused  about what version of linux i should dl.. all i know is that i want my  computer to be secure, used for programming as i learn, and also for  multimedia [to produce music, edit films, graphic design etc.]
  i am from the bay area, but currently live abroad, which allows for  more time to dedicate to this endeavour... so you'll probably be  hearing more from me in these coming days, heh.  any advice or  guidance would be much appreciated!
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