[dvlug] Request for dvlug feedback

Grant Bowman grantbow at gmail.com
Mon Feb 22 12:36:58 PST 2010

>Harry wrote:
>> Hello to All.
>> I ditto Dylan's suggestion.
>> It's one thing if you're not in a committed relationship.
>> It's something else when you are, especially when you are married.
>> Friday night is a time to take off the tie, take off your shoes, and
>> relax
>> With the one that you love. It's the end of the work week.
>> If you keep the Friday night meetings, I will probably keep on
>> attending,
>> But less frequently.
>> I also think that your attendance will improve if you move it to
>> another week night.
>> My suggestion it to try it and see whether the attendance improves.
>> Attendance is one sure indicator that the group is successful in its
>> mission statements.
>> Thanks
>> Harry Strout
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>> I have been trying to make a Friday night meeting for weeks now, but
>> each week something has come up.
>> I like the idea of Mondays. As one who has never made a meet-up, I
>> don't
>> want a whole vote ;-)
>> Regards,
>> Dylan

On Mon, Feb 22, 2010 at 12:19 PM, Michael Paric
<mparic at compbizsolutions.com> wrote:
> Mondays would not work for me as I have several other commissions/committees/boards that meet on regular Monday nights. While I may not make *every* Friday night, that day works best for me even though I'm in a committed relationship (having just celebrated 12 years of marriage).  Being the start of the weekend it offers the opportunity for my wife and I to do our separate activities for a couple hours in downtown WC while still having a "date" night before and after the LUG meeting.

Hello Dylan and Harry,

I welcome your participation.  No meeting date is perfect for everyone
and I respect you have your preferences.  If you schedule a monthly
Monday meeting at a venue of your choice I'll be there in addition to
Friday meetings if it does not conflict with other bay area Linux
events.  The month is full of dates and there is no reason not to have
additional meetings.


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