[dvlug] Request for dvlug feedback

Michael Paric mparic at compbizsolutions.com
Mon Feb 22 12:19:39 PST 2010

> Hello to All.
> I ditto Dylan's suggestion.
> It's one thing if you're not in a committed relationship.
> It's something else when you are, especially when you are married.
> Friday night is a time to take off the tie, take off your shoes, and
> relax
> With the one that you love. It's the end of the work week.
> If you keep the Friday night meetings, I will probably keep on
> attending,
> But less frequently. 
> I also think that your attendance will improve if you move it to
> another week night.
> My suggestion it to try it and see whether the attendance improves.
> Attendance is one sure indicator that the group is successful in its
> mission statements.
> Thanks
> Harry Strout
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> I have been trying to make a Friday night meeting for weeks now, but 
> each week something has come up.
> I like the idea of Mondays. As one who has never made a meet-up, I
> don't 
> want a whole vote ;-)
> Regards,
> Dylan
> Grant Bowman wrote:
>> Having a small meeting today talking about VMware and a look at the 
>> Linux world from the Windows perspective.
>> Best wishes to those at SCaLE8x today and this weekend.
>> Grant
>>> On Feb 9, 2010 4:07 AM, "Grant Bowman" <grantbow at gmail.com 
>>> <mailto:grantbow at gmail.com>> wrote:
>>> Friday 6:00 PM meetings at Caffe La Scala will continue as usual.
> Our
>>> next meeting is Fri, Feb 12th.
>>> I am looking for suggestions to update dvlug: events, website, mail
>>> list, meeting time, meeting frequency and/or meeting location.
> There
>>> was a discussion of a Monday meeting at one point.  Would this day
>>> work better for some people?
>>> Regards,
>>> Grant

Mondays would not work for me as I have several other commissions/committees/boards that meet on regular Monday nights. While I may not make *every* Friday night, that day works best for me even though I'm in a committed relationship (having just celebrated 12 years of marriage).  Being the start of the weekend it offers the opportunity for my wife and I to do our separate activities for a couple hours in downtown WC while still having a "date" night before and after the LUG meeting. 


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