[dvlug] Need for Technical Assistance - Error problem? connecting MYSQL to HTTP

Rick Moen rick at linuxmafia.com
Mon Jan 4 00:43:28 PST 2010

Quoting harry strout (harry-strout at comcast.net):

> I agree with you on every point that you made, especially about coming
> from Missouri:
> "Truth from someone else's mouth is a lie.  The same truth experienced
> is the truth."
> Therefore, I have tried to prove every point that you have made.

Hi, Harry.  I doubt anyone was even thinking you were in any way
untruthful.  The concern is that people reporting technical problems
often, with utterly and completely honest intent, omit crucial facts and
inadvertently give their interpretations rather than the relevant raw

(You didn't really think your honesty was being questioned?  That would
be most unfortunate.)

In attempting to help people diagnose problems, I found that sometimes
the phrase "Pretend I'm from Missouri and show me" light-heartedly gets
the vital point across that _showing_ the problem rather than describing
it is a necessary first step.  (For example, a diagnostician hearing the
phrase "[x] didn't work" will be frustrated, thinking "But what does
'didn't work' mean?  What specifically did you try?  What specifically
happened?  What specifically did you expect to happen that didn't?")

> Please review the details of the attached zipped file and see if you
> can make any sense of it.

Um, wow.  That's a lot of stuff.  Anyhow....

Quoting one of your selinux-alert files:

> SELinux is preventing the http daemon from connecting to network port 3306
> Detailed Description:
> SELinux has denied the http daemon from connecting to 3306. An httpd
> script is trying to do a network connect to a remote port

So, that's one problem, right there:  CentOS's "targeted policy" for
SELinux is preventing Apache httpd from connecting to TCP port 3306 (but
see note below about target host), 3306 being the MySQL daemon's
communication port.

The error message goes on to suggest a way to modify the policy to allow
port 3306 access, I notice.

Except, important:  I notice that you seem to be trying to open a
connection to "compconsupp.com".  Not a good choice.  You should be
trying to connect to localhost.  That might actually be your sole

Looks like you had the same problem with Adminer:  You were trying to
connect to "compconsupp.com".  Try localhost.  Please let us know if
that works.  I'll bet it will.

> Yes, I am trying to install and connect to aMember Pro on a test
> developmental computer whose computer name "should be"
> compconssupp.com.

I don't know what this sentence means.  (I can think of a half-dozen
things you _could_ be trying to say.)

Your Amember.setup.log.1-3-10 file shows that MySQL itself is just fine,
so that's another question answered.

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