[dvlug] Need for Technical Assistance - Error problem ? connecting MYSQL to HTTP

Rick Moen rick at linuxmafia.com
Sun Jan 3 11:25:48 PST 2010

This mail seems to have somehow dropped off the mailing list into
private e-mail, so I'm sending it back where it should have gone.

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Subject: RE: [dvlug] Need for Technical Assistance - Errorproblem connecting

Hi Rick.

Thank you for your email.
I have verified that the database is up and functional.
I just think that it's in one of my configuration files.

I have apache, php, openssl, and mysql up and running when I try to
run a setup from a third party software product called aMemeber.

That's where I ran into the problem and error.

I tweaked http.conf and my.conf (in /etc)  files and have not
I even changed the computer (test machine) to what the vendor's
Name was for me and that did not work either.

It has to be in one of the configuration files. But, which one?

What about incompatibility issues in the LAMP software itself?

Any suggestions would be helpful.

Harry Strout

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