[dvlug] Test post to dvlug at linuxmafia.com with copies to Grant and Rick

M. Zanfardino mzanfardino at gmail.com
Fri Jul 3 16:12:53 PDT 2009


I just got through reading the response from Rick to Grant regarding my
concerns about email that I've sent to dvlug at linuxmafia.com not being posted
to the mailing list. Rick, as usual, is extremely thorough with his
explanation of the numerous ways in which my email could have failed to 'get
where it was expected to go'.

In an effort to assist (and knowing that Rick is in out of town at
relatives, so I expect that I may have to make this attempt again next
week), I am sending an email to all three of you: dvlug at linuxmafia.com,
grantbow at gmail.com and rick at linuxmafia.com.  I am sending this email from my
primary email account which is mzanfardino at gmail.com. I am sending this
email at approx. 4:03pm on Friday, July 3rd, 2009.

I hope that with this information sent to these addresses there may be
enough information to trace whether or not my email are being posted to the
mailing list at dvlug at linuxmafia.com.  Please feel free to provide me with
any additional feedback such that I may assist with diagnosing/correcting
this problem.


Mark K. Zanfardino
mzanfardino at gmail.com
posted to: dvlug at linuxmafia.com, grantbow at gmail.com, rick at linuxmafia.com
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