[conspire] fetchmail, oauth2 and disposable free email services

Ivan Sergio Borgonovo mail at webthatworks.it
Sun Jun 19 13:02:39 PDT 2022

There are scripts to add oauth2 dysfunctionality to fetchmail


sooner or later fetchmail will support oauth2 natively (good read)


or you could switch to getmail


I've started to receive fetchmail auth failure but I'm not terribly in a 
hurry to solve the problem.

Meanwhile I'd like to find a provider of disposable email addresses that 
gives a minimum of anonymity (eg. doesn't require your phone number).

I collected several gmail accounts before google started to require a 
phone number.

Any advice or alternative route?

Ivan Sergio Borgonovo
https://www.webthatworks.it https://www.borgonovo.net

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