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> > I usually post the notice on the BerkeleyLUG mailing list early in the
> week
> > of the next meeting.  Sometimes we will have a meeting off schedule and
> > those I have called "One Off Pi Day"  For example March 14th 3.14 ( aka
> the
> > number Π) is a Saturday and there will likely be an event then.
> Will this be in addition to the regular date, March 1st, or instead of?
> I have tentatively (because you said 'likely) added the Saturday, March
> 14th one-off Pi Day to the BALE schedule, in addition to the one on
> Sunday, March 1st.
Hey Rick,

Sorry to bother you, can you remove the March 14th listing.
The regular March meeting happens to be on the 8th anniversary of the
Pi and there is already a host of events around the world that weekend.  So
little thing will be a part of that.
https://www.raspberrypi.org/jam/  (But they have the 2019 map there, not
the 2020?)
Pi Jam announcement https://www.raspberrypi.org/blog/birthday-jams-2020/


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