[conspire] Two IoT Things, One Alarming

Rick Moen rick at linuxmafia.com
Wed Jan 22 23:29:10 PST 2020

Quoting Dire Red (deirdre at deirdre.net):

> First, IoT product maker Sonos says that if you don’t buy newer
> products of theirs, their products are going to stamp their feet and
> refuse to update.
> “If modern products remain connected to legacy products after May,
> they also will not receive software updates and new features.”
> https://twitter.com/p0welly/status/1219692615748280320
> <https://twitter.com/p0welly/status/1219692615748280320>

I'm betting this is about DRM, and about Sonos's future ability to
interfere with customers evading it.  The announcement says that
new-generation gear can retain the ability to receive updates and
(possibly) new features/services provided that all older-generation 
gear is segregated into a separate Sonos 'system', which therefore would
not be able to share synchronised audio with gear in the other 'system'.

My guess is that they're anticipating situations where enthusiasts have
figured out how to root old Sonos gear and give it abilities Sonos 
promises to its business partners won't ever be present.  In that
contingency, barring those from any news-gear Sonos 'system' is a way to
prevents access to the latter's audio content without updated DRM

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