[conspire] Update for BALE

Michael Paoli Michael.Paoli at cal.berkeley.edu
Mon Jan 6 19:30:13 PST 2020

> From: Texx <texxgadget at gmail.com>
> Subject: Re: [conspire] Update for BALE
> Date: Sun, 5 Jan 2020 18:42:01 -0800

> You mean executing /usr/bin/vi ?
> (hysterical laughter)

That's generally not the way to go about updating, e.g. a live database.

> Actually, we also have an offshoot from Berkeley Lug which bills itself as
> a "Python gathering"

Pi Day ... not "python gathering".  Read the (relevant) list posts,

"Offshoot"?  Sure, maybe something like that ... not it's own [L]UG, at
least thus far, more like a Special Interest Group (SIG), or,
as SF-LUG.org has termed similar of its own, "project"(s), or
"study group"(s), or the like.

> First sunday of the month from noon to 3pm at the blue Door Cafe 2244
> Bancroft Berkeley.
> I would class it more of a "bring your own Arduino or Raspberry Pi" type
> gathering.

Yeah, it's focused on Raspberry Pi ... and also similar small embedded /
single board computer systems (e.g. Arduino).

> An actual monthly Python tutorial would actually  be a service to the
> community.

Great, volunteer to teach it ... or to get someone to put that on (and
find suitable venue or relevant existing group, etc.).  :-)

> Not as show up and keep your nose in your laptop like you could do at home.
> An ACTUAL Python class!

Well, some folks like to take their project(s)/laptop(s) to meeting,
and work on their stuff there, ... share their interest(s)/knowledge,
collaborate with others, get other folks (more) interested, etc.
In general nobody's obligated to put on some talk/presentation, or sit
around answering everybody's questions about everything ... not everyone's
into that.

> I would suggest that we brand the First Sunday gathering as a
> "Bring your own Arduino or Raspberry Pi"

I think "Pi Day" - as it's typically been called, and with generally
relevant text mentioning of Raspberry Pi, is generally sufficiently
clear and unambiguous.  Also, as those are mostly list postings,
one could always read and/or inquire further, if there was question as
to what would or likely would being going on at the meetings/gatherings.

> While it did not stack up as advertised, it probably deserves an entry on
> at least for now.

Advertised, huh?  Who paid for that advertisement?  ;-)

BALE? ... maybe a mention, or not, or a footnote?
Not sure how incredibly regular it is or will be ... at least
yet, ... though seems it's been pretty regular most of the time for
several months or so now?  I haven't explicitly tracked it.  (It's like
it gets "announced"/posted to the list, it happens, folk(s) come, ... or
not.  And I think the nominal day is 1st Sundays - at least when it does
happen ... then again, it may be more frequent than
Bay Area Debian (BAD) http://bad.debian.net/ ... though BAD does have its
own web site, list, and schedule of (potential) meeting dates, and quite
clear algorithm for well determining if meeting is occurring or not).

> Truth be told, Im a little tired oif these gatherings where you show up and
> everyone has their nose in a laptop.
> You can do that at home, so why show up?

If you want to do it alone, yeah, sure, do it at home, but if you want to
meet/collaborate, ask/answer questions, etc. ... and generally too with local
folks with knowledge also of local resources ... not gonna get as much 'o
that at home alone.

> We really need more tutorials to enhance our skill sets.
Great - teach/lead 'em or organize 'em and get 'em together.
Remember too, volunteer stuff usually gets done by the persons that do
the volunteer work.  Generally takes more than wishful thinking for things
to happen, ... though good ideas/suggestions can help - but generally takes
bit more for such to materialize into events, etc.

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