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> > Subject: Re: [conspire] Update for BALE
> > Date: Sun, 5 Jan 2020 18:42:01 -0800
> > You mean executing /usr/bin/vi ?
> > (hysterical laughter)
> That's generally not the way to go about updating, e.g. a live database.

I didnt actually know how it worked.
I presumed (I now know falsely) that it digested a text file and inserted
dates it generated on the fly.

> > Actually, we also have an offshoot from Berkeley Lug which bills itself
> as
> > a "Python gathering"
> Pi Day ... not "python gathering".  Read the (relevant) list posts,
> etc.
> https://berkeleylug.com/

Long before someone figured out how to use up obsoleted GPUs, and sell them
as single board controllers,
the term "Pi day" referred to Python.

I dont know enough to teach Python, WHY do you THINK Im ASKING for someone
to teach it?
Regarding organizing it, I dont know anyone to teach it, (see above!)


Yes some people bring projects to meetings, but im seeing very little
education going on,
which is sad, considering that LUGs are SUPPOSED to be educational.

It seems the Lugs have outlived their original charter.



It got a plug on the LUG website, so I consider it an advert.

It seems to be a pretty constant first Sunday thing.
Seems to have been going rain or shine for 6 months, so I probably DOES
deserve Ricks attention.

I dont see a lot of collaboration.
But if its a collaboration session, believe the term for that is "Hackathon"

If someone actually did a tutorial, then maybe I could LEARN enough to
TEACH a session on it,
but I have to learn enough before I can teach.

The problem with the Python meetings, is that they are all about "Hey
lookie what I done!"
but it never teaches me enough to actuially do something on my own besides
the trite "Hellow World"

We probably beat this topic to death, good idea to drop it.

(Remainder thread omitted for brevity)


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