[conspire] Ubuntu 9.04

Rick Moen rick at linuxmafia.com
Mon Oct 10 16:53:16 PDT 2011

Quoting Nick Moffitt (nick at zork.net):

> Whoops!  Thanks.  Not sure how I did that.

No problem.

> I'm not trying to say that there's a 'choice'.  I mean that when 10.04.1
> was released, a bare do-release-upgrade would not yet take you there
> directly from 8.04.* unless you forced the issue.

This was, as mentioned, March 30, 2011.  I didn't 'force' anything.  Per
my notes in the ChangeLog, that day started with the server on 7.10
Gutsy Gibbon.  Reading docs revealed that the recommended method for
going first to 8.04.x LTS Hardy Heron and then to 10.04.x LTS Lucid Lynx
was to use /usr/bin/do-release-upgrade, which was not yet present on the
system, so I used apt-get to fetch package update-manager-core, which
provides that tool.

My notes _say_ that do-release-upgrade took me first to 8.04 LTS, and then
-- very brokenly -- to 10.04.1 LTS, which was the current 10.04.x
release as of that date (March 30).  No 'forcing' of anything, just use
of the recommended upgrade tools in the recommended fashion.

I notice from Web-searching that 10.04.2 was released on Feb. 18, 2011,
so it's possible that I was actually taken by do-release-upgrade to 
that, not 10.04.1.  But I'm just quoting the ChangeLog, where I write
contemporaneous notes about all significant system changes.

FWIW, one month later, I notice that at some point the tools _had_ taken
me to 10.04.2, so that might have happened on March 30 and I just
didn't, notice the slightly higher point release, but wrote down
'10.04.1' because something on-screen mentioned 10.04.1 during the
update.  April ChangeLog entry:

Fr 2011-04-29   Rick Moen <rick at linuxmafia.com>
        * For the record, I notice that package operations have moved 
          us from 10.04.1 LTS Lucid Lynx to 10.04.2 LTS Lucid Lynx,
          noted in /etc/lsb-release .

A month earlier, the fact that my ChangeLog entry says '10.04.1 LTS
Lucid Lynx' strongly suggests that I transcribed that directly from
(something in the) screen output, and I have been pretty meticulous in
my ChangeLog notes.  However, I didn't bother taking a gander at
/etc/lsb-release until April 29th.

> When 10.04.2 was released (if I am remembering the schedule
> correctly), an addition was made to the files that do-release-upgrade
> checks, allowing upgrades not only from 9.10 but also from 8.04.

Well, guess what?  It was broken on March 30, 2011, almost a year after
release of Lucid Lynx.  Which you may recall was my point.

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