[conspire] Copyrights

Rick Moen rick at linuxmafia.com
Fri Mar 25 10:12:18 PDT 2011

Quoting kw6 at xmission.com (kw6 at xmission.com):

> Laugh all you like, but the bottom line is that you are arguing that
> you have the right to rob me of the benefits of my labor, simply
> because you've found a way to do so.

Yes, _damn_ those Commie librarians!

> So, by your own reasoning, if I can obtain your credit-card number, I
> have the right to use it and to put it on Google for everyone else.

Fraud and copyright violation are identical torts.  I read it on the

> If I can get hold of your computer, I can take it.  If I can
> pick the lock (or break the door), I can have anything in your home.

The crime of theft and the tort of copyright are identical... um,
tort-crimes.  Or is that crime-torts?  Anyway, I read that on the
Internet, too.

> Are you SURE you like these rules . . ?

Are you sure your caplock key is that broken?  Are you sure we're unable
to spot overblown advocacy rhetoric and mock it?

Are you sure you don't know how to correctly configure the fullname
field in your e-mail software before embarrassing yourself on technical
mailing lists?

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