[conspire] Community wired ISP [was Re: ISP]

Tony Godshall tony at of.net
Mon Jun 20 11:55:21 PDT 2011

Re: the important stuff

>>> ... What I'd like to see is a grass-roots community-based _wired_ ISP.

>> I'd like to hear more about this concept.  Are you thinking
>> there should be a nonprofit CLEC?  Since I'm not exactly
>> sure what a CLEC is, I read:
>> https://secure.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/wiki/CLEC
>> Hmm... maybe a nonprofit ... and a wholly owned
>> corporation a la mozilla.org [/] mozilla.com would be needed.
> What I previously had in mind was more hackish.

Hackish is cool.  Can red tape be avoided?  The reason
I've enjoyed wireless is that one can adapt equipment
to uses it was not intended for and make links at a
distance yet still be below the limits at which licenses are

> The SDF Public Access UNIX System, as an example,
> provides ADSL service to members, which it is able to
> do by buying last-mile connectivity in bulk from IKANO.

Can you tell us more about that?  How does one "buy last mile
connectivity in bulk"?

And what is IKANO?  These guys?


Re: the picky stuff

> If you see it that way, then my saying nothing more about it really was
> a good idea.

Or do you mean "would have been" ;-)


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