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Sat Sep 25 20:50:40 PDT 2010

i want to start by saying i have no example of my own about ARC. though i
recently heard there is some claim they have not transfered the whole amount
the collected for Haiti.
then again, my recent years disillusionment of mass media (and as a left
wing Israeli, i know what that means...) have taught me to ask questions. it
might well be there is a reason for ARC to run a credit check on their
volunteers, but i have not heard such and I'm not sure there is one that
will please me. with all the terror scare tactics and all the security
checks you needs to go through to get anything, i think a body that take
volunteer workers and donations should be a bit more thankful for the time
and money and hard work they collect. unfortunately, as with any established
body which gets fat and thinks it is ok to start raising the bar, the ARC
started discriminating the responses they get. doing these background checks
is probably a way for them to prevent deviant people from reaching places
where they can exploit weaknesses, instead of taking what they get and
making sure in real time bad things don't happen (would a credit check
detect a pedophile?)

as for the SA, i have very little information. i know that in the book "out
and about in Paris and London" they are depicted as people who would give
you all hte help as long as you are a practicing Christian or willing to
become one, but it was written in the 19th century and i don't know if that
is still the case. i do know, however, that i found some excellent bargains
in their stores.

to sum all this up - my question was sincere, as i don't know, but i was on
a mailing list that started it. i felt like asking (for better or worse, by
the way) if this is in any way justified by the people who wrote it. i am a
great fan of asking questions.


On Sat, Sep 25, 2010 at 1:27 PM, Margaret Wendall <mwendall at gmail.com>wrote:

> Hi, Ehud and Rick,
> Let me say "thank you" for your quiet disassociation to the American Red
> Cross.
> I had aneighbor about 30 yars ago who'd been the Pacific during WWII and
> when the ARC showed up, they wanted 25 cents for a cup of coffee. (I have it
> on good word that coffee here in California cost much less than that during
> the 1940s...)
> I had heard of anti-smoking clinics being given by the ARC here in San
> Jose, and went to inquire. The bureaucrat coolly informed me that my
> insurance didn't cover the plan, and I walked out. I did quit smoking almost
> 20 years ago, but paid my MD for "the patch" which helped.
> My sister had a disabled boy who needed a wheelchair. The ARC was providing
> these to some groups so Sally signed ip and was denied because her family
> owned a business that was going through economic problems just like today.
> So, here are a few more reasons not to support the ARC. I could give you
> many more to help the Salvation Army. My brother-in-law delivered a gas
> generator to a small company in the Santa Cruz Mountains so they could keep
> going while everything was being repaired. The SA asked no questions, they
> saw a need and filled it.
> Margaret Wendall
> --
> Margaret Wendall
> mwendall-at-gmail-dot-com
> "Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?" - Juvenal
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