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Sat Sep 25 13:27:57 PDT 2010

Hi, Ehud and Rick,

Let me say "thank you" for your quiet disassociation to the American Red

I had aneighbor about 30 yars ago who'd been the Pacific during WWII and
when the ARC showed up, they wanted 25 cents for a cup of coffee. (I have it
on good word that coffee here in California cost much less than that during
the 1940s...)

I had heard of anti-smoking clinics being given by the ARC here in San Jose,
and went to inquire. The bureaucrat coolly informed me that my insurance
didn't cover the plan, and I walked out. I did quit smoking almost 20 years
ago, but paid my MD for "the patch" which helped.

My sister had a disabled boy who needed a wheelchair. The ARC was providing
these to some groups so Sally signed ip and was denied because her family
owned a business that was going through economic problems just like today.

So, here are a few more reasons not to support the ARC. I could give you
many more to help the Salvation Army. My brother-in-law delivered a gas
generator to a small company in the Santa Cruz Mountains so they could keep
going while everything was being repaired. The SA asked no questions, they
saw a need and filled it.

Margaret Wendall

Margaret Wendall
"Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?" - Juvenal
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