[conspire] wifi alternatives to internal b43 [Re: ubuntu and b43 problems]

Tony Godshall tony at of.net
Thu Nov 11 09:36:20 PST 2010

>> regarding the modem itself - you're preaching to the choir. this is a
>> work-issued laptop, and i cannot control or change what goes into it.
> I didn't know it was work-issued, but, even those, you can (if you care
> enough) buy a cheap replacement wireless thing of some sort, insert it
> while the laptop's issued to you, and put the original back when you
> return it.

I've had good luck with the 10dbi USB panel wifi adapters I got at
Fry's a while back- they are a little big (like 3 x 4 x 1) but
lightweight plastic and easily pointed in the direction of the AP.
It's really nice to have a directional antenna with wifi- it makes a
big difference when you a little ways away from an AP, when you are
are between two APs on the same channel, and when you are competing
for attention with other users closer to the AP.

They are sometimes as low as $12 on sale.

I've run them just fine on Ubuntu 8.04 through 10.04 and Debian 5.  No
fwcutter etc needed IIRC.


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