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Even off the job, Larry doesn't seem to be in the running for "Mr Congeniality".  Look at the accounts surrounding the America's Cup Race, for example: 

Larry Ellison gets 3rd crack at America's Cup 
 "I don't like him. I won't beat around the bush," Ellison told The 
Chronicle. "If I was going to be nasty, I'd say, what has he done in his
 life that he's proud of?"
 "I came here determined to shake his 
hand," Bertarelli, 45, said at a news conference Saturday that Ellison 
declined to attend. "Here I am, available, and he is not here."

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For many years, I've been trying to avoid taking too seriously the
notion of Oracle Corporation being a pervasively evil institution.  It
seems just so facile, and some of the people promoting that viewpoint 
in public (there was a particularly egregious example on BayLISA's
mailing lists for some years), that it seemed worthwhile distancing
one's self from them through an act of will.

There were a long list of things this required ignoring, including many
pronouncements and attitudes form Larry Ellison himself, their treatment
of customers, stories about their treatment of companies they acquired
(e.g., Peoplesoft, Sun Microsystems, MySQL AB), and rumours about
goings-on at Oracle headquarters.  (It's said that employees are
forbidden from bringing personally owned cellular telephones into the
building.  I don't know if this rumour has any merit at all, but the
creepy reputation of the firm is such that it's easy to believe.)

Let me put it this way:  In general, Oracle's characteristic conduct and
attitude keeps reminding me of Dennis Miller's joke about Bill Gates --
that he's only a monocle and a Persian cat away from being a Bond
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