[conspire] CABAL, Saturday

Rick Moen rick at linuxmafia.com
Sat Nov 13 01:49:54 PST 2010

We have Linux.  We have BSD.  We have food.

Just out, and available Chez Moen:

Fedora 14 for i686 and for x86_64, in these editions:
    GNOME Live Desktop Disk
    KDE Live Desktop Disk
    LXDE Live Desktop Disk
Linux Mint 10 GNOME DVD i386
OpenBSD 4.8 for i386 and for x86_64
...and of course all the others listed at

I have some very nice centre-cut pork chops, albeit I'm still figuring
out what sort of marinade to use for them.

Mark Weisler says he'll be bringing his famous Indian butter chicken.

Likelihood of good garlic bread is rather high.

National Weather Service says it's going to be clear, and evening
temperatures probably won't be below 50 degrees F, so we _might_ try
being out in the back patio with the outdoor heater running.  We shall

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