[conspire] verifying I'm doing this correctly - fdisk, mkfs.ext3, e2label for FreeAgent Go 1T

Rick Moen rick at linuxmafia.com
Sun Mar 28 21:41:46 PDT 2010

Quoting Mark Weisler (mark at weisler-saratoga-ca.us):

> GParted (abbreviated as GPT) is a CUI frontend to GNU Parted and the
> official GNOME Partition Editor application.

Well, almost but not quite.  GParted is a gnomelibs/gtk+-based front end
to _libparted_, not to GNU parted.

        GParted's front-end                parted's ncurses front-end
                 |                                     |
                 v                                     v
             libparted                              libparted

So, they're different but similar programs that use the same back-end

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