[conspire] verifying I'm doing this correctly - fdisk, mkfs.ext3, e2label for FreeAgent Go 1T

Darlene Wallach freepalestin at dslextreme.com
Sun Mar 28 20:17:58 PDT 2010


On Sun, Mar 28, 2010 at 7:56 PM, Mark Weisler
<mark at weisler-saratoga-ca.us> wrote:

> It will not hurt you to have both parted and gparted on your computer.
> parted is a CLI partition editor.
> GParted (abbreviated as GPT) is a CUI frontend to GNU Parted and the
> official GNOME Partition Editor application.
> GParted is pretty friendly to use and makes it pretty clear what is
> going on. I recommend you try it.
> Just create one or two partitions on the external Seagate drive then put
> the filesystem on each partition. That should do it.

Why is gparted only showing Size: 931.51GiB?
I selected partition type gpt
I'm seeing
Heads: 255
Sectors/Track: 63
Cylinders: 121601
Total Sectors: 1953520065

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> Mark Weisler

Thank you

Darlene Wallach
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