[conspire] verifying I'm doing this correctly - fdisk, mkfs.ext3, e2label for FreeAgent Go 1T

Rick Moen rick at linuxmafia.com
Mon Mar 29 19:35:30 PDT 2010

By the way....

Quoting Mark Weisler (mark at weisler-saratoga-ca.us):

> GParted (abbreviated as GPT) is a CUI frontend to GNU Parted and the
> official GNOME Partition Editor application.

"GPT" as shorthand for GParted would make a really unfortunate coinage,
in this area of system administration.  Why?  Because "GPT" is already
commonly used to stand for "GUID Partition Table", the Intel EFI-derived 
Wave of the Future<tm> replacement for traditional IBM/Microsoft
partition tables, to which we're all allegedly moving Real Soon Now.

Using the same TLA to refer to both things is likely to confuse a lot of
people (more).

Methinks "GPT" = "GUID Partition Table" will predominate mindshare,
because the long form's too much of a mouthful, and because people need
to talk about partition tables more often than they do about GParted.  

Said impenetrable bafflegab phrase ("GUID Partition Table") owes its
acronym component to the fact that the GPT scheme uses 128-bit (32 hex
digits) Globally Unique Identifier strings to identify the disk as a
whole, and also to identify each partition in the table.  So, the jargon
makes sense internally -- but nobody's going to go around saying the
whole thing, any more than they do Personal Computer Memory Card
International Association.  (It was probably the same marketing geniuses
behind both names.)

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