[conspire] (forw) Re: need some corrections to dates for Bay Area Linux Events on website

Rick Moen rick at linuxmafia.com
Thu Mar 12 12:26:49 PDT 2009


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Date: Thu, 12 Mar 2009 12:26:05 -0700
From: Rick Moen <rick at linuxmafia.com>
To: Sameer Verma <sverma at sfsu.edu>
Cc: Darlene Wallach <freepalestin at dslextreme.com>, william.ward at gmail.com
Subject: Re: need some corrections to dates for Bay Area Linux Events on website

Quoting Sameer Verma (sverma at sfsu.edu):

> On Thu, Mar 12, 2009 at 10:23 AM, Darlene Wallach
> <freepalestin at dslextreme.com> wrote:
> > Sameer,
> >
> > The "Bay Area Linux Events" has some incorrect dates posted for some events.
> > SVLUG meets the first Wednesday of the month. In general CABAL meets the
> > second and fourth Saturday of the month. As I scrolled through the listing,
> > I saw SVLUG listed for a Tuesday and CABAL listed for a Friday.
> >
> > http://opensource.sfsu.edu/node/619
> >
> > Thank you for your attention,
> > Darlene Wallach
> >
> >
> Hi Darlene,
> Thanks for pointing it out. The calendar is maintained by multiple
> people. I do the OLPC-SF dates. I'm, cc'ing Bill Ward and Rick Moen on
> this so that they can make changes accordingly. I'm not sure who does
> SVLUG scheduling, but Bill might know.

Bay Area Linux Events (BALE), http://linuxmafia.com/bale/, has correct
dates for SVLUG, CABAL, and all other events as far as I'm aware.

CABAL's home page, http://linuxmafia.com/cabal/ , has correct meeting
dates for CABAL meetings.

SVLUG's scheduling pages, http://www.svlug.org/ ,
http://www.svlug.org/meetings.php , and http://www.svlug.org/installfest/ , 
have correct dates for SVLUG's upcoming events.  The next several
installfests are likely to be rescheduled, but have not yet been.
(Thus, their dates are marked as tentative.)

If and when SVLUG does screw up its own dates -- which has not happened
for about a decade, and then was caught in two days -- you should please
notify webmaster at svlug.org, to reach the Web Team mailing list.

So, basically you're not talking about correcting wrong dates on BALE,
or on SVLUG, or on CABAL.  I would infer that you're talking about Bill
Ward's effort.

On a personal note, I find it vexing, Bill, that you keep
referring to your Google Calendar as "Bay Area Linux Events", because
doing so inevitably causes confusion such as the present example:  I get
"corrections" for things that aren't on BALE at all.  This happens all
the time.  All the damned time -- a point I'll return to, below.

BALE / Bay Area Linux Events has been around and had that name since 
1997 (with, admittedly, a period when it had only its extensive group 
descriptions active and no links to dated events, because of a subtle
MySQL glitch that it took a long time to find).  It would seem to me to
be common courtesy, Bill, for you to pick a different name for your
thing over at Google.

Because, for now, every time we see this sort of thing happen -- and it
happens A LOT -- I get pissed off at you for inconsiderate behaviour.

Meanwhile, Sameer, if _you_ would please alter, e.g.,
http://opensource.sfsu.edu/node/491 to _not_ refer to Bill Ward's
calendar as "Bay Area Linux Events", I would be personally grateful.

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