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Fri Feb 6 12:52:09 PST 2009

I want to install cinelerra on the fedora 9 installation on my desktop
The cinelerra website has these instructions for fedora:

Cinelerra is not available in the default Fedora repositories.
Cinelerra is included in the Freshrpms <http://freshrpms.net/> repository
but the package collection of Freshrpms may conflict with other third-party
repositories such as Livna.
Cinelerra is available also in the kwizart repository that, on the contrary,
is compatible with Livna.

Fedora 9

To install Cinelerra from kwizart repository (x86 and x86_64) do:
 su -
rpm -ivh http://rpm.livna.org/livna-release-9.rpm
rpm -ivh http://rpms.kwizart.net/kwizart-release-9.rpm
yum install cinelerra --enablerepo=kwizart

1 - This package tweaks the kernel.shmmax value in /etc/sysctl.conf so there
is no need for you to modify it.
2 - This version points to the system fonts path in /usr/share/fonts
(instead of /usr/lib(64)/cinelerra/fonts).
This is needed for the title plugin. It needs fonts.dir (which is usually
deprecated) to be regenerated.
You can do:
 yum install ttmkfdir xorg-x11-font-utils
and then in each subdirectories of /usr/share/fonts that you want to be seen
by the title plugin, so for example: and
 cd /usr/share/fonts/
ttmkfdir && mkfontdir

I installed kiwzart repository and tried to install
# yum install cinelerra --enablerepo=kwizart
The install failed:
Missing dependency: libx264.so.58 is needed by

my system has libx264.so.60

I have the following repos enabled:

I enabled the following repo to install cinelerra:

none of them have libx264.so.58

man yum doesn't give an option to ignore library version. Is it possible to
install cinelerra from kwizart and have it use libx264.so.60?

If someone has urls to point me to, i would appreciate any feedback/advice.

Thank you,

Darlene Wallach
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